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The sociology minor provides students with a better understanding of what makes people and groups behave as they do. It examines social life, social change and the social causes and consequences of human behavior.


  • Courses for this minor provide an overview of social science research and theory, marriage and family dynamics, social psychology, social issues and public policy.
  • Optional courses cover a wide area of interests that can complement many other disciplines.

Career opportunities

The sociology minor provides tools that are useful in any career field that interacts with people, or that observes human behavior for any purpose. Specific careers include social services, journalism and governmental affairs, personnel management, missions and community development.

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Course listing

General Education Prerequisites

SOC 120Introduction to Sociology3

Required Courses (18-20 Units)

SOC 461Introduction to Social Science Research3
SOC 470Sociocultural Theory3

Select any four courses from the lists below

Society And Culture
SOC 301Anthropology for Christian Witness3
SOC 332Modern Africa: History, Politics and Culture3
SOC 334Modern Asia: History, Politics and Culture3
SOC 336Modern Middle East: History, Politics And Culture3
SOC 364World Christianity3
SOC 410American Ethnicity and Pluralism3
SOC 476
SOC 481
or International Internship
Social Institutions
SOC 350Marriage and Family3
SOC 360Sociology of Religion3
SOC 370Media and Society3
SOC 375Organizational Behavior3
SOC 450Social Problems and Public Policy3
Social Groups And Processes
SOC 345Contemporary Issues in Immigration3
SOC 346Human Trafficking: Perspectives and Interventions3
SOC 400Social Psychology3
COM 430Group Dynamics and Leadership3
SOC 430Conflict Management and Resolution3
SOC 440Lifecourse Development3
SOC 442Social Gerontology3
SOC 446Sociology of Gender3
Crime And Justice
CRIM 422
PSY 300
Statistics for Sociology and Criminology
or Statistics
CRIM 355Victimology3
CRIM 372Diversity and Crime3
CRIM 382Juvenile Delinquency and Justice3
Semester Study Abroad Option
SOC 338People and Cultures of Costa Rica3
 History/Politics of Modern India3
 Religion/Culture of India3
HIST 408History and Politics of China and Vietnam3