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In today’s job market, fluency in Spanish is a career advantage and a valuable asset to any organization. The Spanish program at Fresno Pacific University provides you with the necessary language and cultural understanding of Spanish-speaking countries around the world. In today’s globalized environment, there is a need to reach our neighbors in Latin America, as well as the increasing Spanish-speaking population in the U.S.


  • Communicate orally in Spanish at an advanced level.
  • Write in Spanish at an advanced level.
  • Analyze a problem and synthesize a solution through appropriate research in Spanish.
  • Integrate emerging technologies into research and communication in Spanish.
  • Engage in critical thinking about topics related to Spanish language and culture.
  • Describe the unique characteristics of Spanish-speaking cultures around the world.

Career opportunities

The Spanish language and culture major offers our graduates tools that can be used in almost any profession, here and abroad. The widespread influence of Spanish demands professionals in all fields – marketing, education, community leadership, ministry and more.

Program director

Gina Ponce de Leon
Gina Ponce de León, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Spanish


For more information, you may contact the program director Gina Ponce de Leon at gina.poncedeleon@fresno.edu or 559-453-7183.

Course listing

Prerequisites (16 Units)

SPAN-100*Elementary Spanish I4
SPAN-105*Elementary Spanish II4
SPAN-200*Intermediate Spanish I4
SPAN-205*Intermediate Spanish II4

*or demonstrated proficiency

Required Courses (24 Units)

SPAN-300Advanced Spanish I3
SPAN-304Advanced Spanish II (Translation Laboratory)3
SPAN-311Introduction to Literature and Theory3
SPAN-327Spain: Civilization and Culture3
SPAN-328Latin America: Civilization and Culture3
SPAN-440Peninsular Literature3
SPAN-445Latin American Literature3
SPAN-450Senior Seminar3

Electives (9 Units)

Select from these courses or replace with approved courses taken abroad or at other institutions:

SPAN-305Composition and Conversation in Spanish3
SPAN-309Hispanic Film3
SPAN-310Hispanic Prose3
SPAN-315Hispanic Poetry3
SPAN-320History of Spanish Language3
SPAN-325Formal Spanish Oral Communication3
SPAN-330Latin American Thought: Readings in Spanish3
SPAN-486Topics in Spanish3
SPAN-496Spanish Internship3
HIST-410Modern Latin America: History, Politics and Culture3

Study Abroad

Students may take 12-15 units abroad. Courses that are equivalents of required courses may meet those requirements, while others may be used for electives. Students must consult with the program director to select specific courses.