The Spanish minor is designed to provide you with the language skills needed to be successful in a bilingual environment.


  • Gain a career advantage in the multicultural context of the Central Valley.
  • Take courses about the cultures of the Hispanic world.

Career opportunities

The ability to understand and communicate in the Spanish language is a highly desired skill in the workplace, so much so that professionals with this ability are often preferred, and promoted, in positions that interact with a diverse audience.

Program director

Gina Ponce de León, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Spanish


For more information, you may contact the program director Gina Ponce de Leon at or 559-453-7183.

Course listing

Prerequisites (16 Units)

SPAN-100*Elementary Spanish I4
SPAN-105*Elementary Spanish II4
SPAN-200*Intermediate Spanish I4
SPAN-205*Intermediate Spanish II4

* or demonstrated proficiency

Required Courses (15 Units)

Select five courses from the following:

SPAN-300Advanced Spanish I3
SPAN-304Advanced Spanish II (Translation Laboratory)3
SPAN-305Composition and Conversation in Spanish3
SPAN-309Hispanic Film3
SPAN-310Hispanic Prose3
SPAN-315Hispanic Poetry3
SPAN-320History of Spanish Language3
SPAN-325Formal Spanish Oral Communication3
SPAN-327Spain: Civilization and Culture3
SPAN-328Latin American Civilization and Culture3
SPAN-330Latin American Thought: Readings in Spanish3