Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

  • Student teacher in professional dress reading book to children in classroom
  • students engaging in discussion

Provides training and certification in TESOL as a means for teaching English to non-English speakers in the U.S. and other countries (Requisite: LANG-310 First and Second Language Acquisition)


  • Gain the knowledge, strategies and practice needed to feel comfortable teaching English classes to students of various levels and backgrounds.
  • Take part in an international internship gaining experience in TESOL while living in and learning about the country.

Career opportunities

Job opportunities abound in English-language schools and institutes around the world. These teaching positions are ideal for early career language teachers and for those who want to live and work in another country.

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Course listing

Note: Emphasis courses are additional courses that are to be completed alongside the general education and parent program requirements as dictated by the Fresno Pacific University catalog. Please review the course requirements for baccalaureate programs and the general education summary in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

Emphasis Required Courses (15 Units)

LANG 310First and Second Language Acquisition3
LANG 350Modern English Grammar3
LANG 420Teaching English as an Additional Language3

Select two courses from the following

COM 440Performance and Culture3
COM 455Philosophy of Language3
LACS 300Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies3
LACS 302Mexican Folklorico Dance3
LACS 304Advanced Mexican Folklorico Dance3
PS 411Modern Latin America: History, Politics And Culture3
PS 412Modern Africa: History, Politics and Culture3
PS 414Modern Asia: History, Politics and Culture3
PS 416Modern Middle East: History, Politics and Culture3
PS 425Global Economics and Sustainable Development3
REL 405Philosophy of Religion3
REL 418Culture, Religion and the Church3
REL 452World Christianity3
REL 455Christians and Religious Neighbors3
REL 460Religions of the World3
REL 465Religions of India3
SOC 338People and Cultures of Costa Rica3
SOC 410American Ethnicity and Pluralism3
SPAN 200Intermediate Spanish4
SPAN 300Advanced Spanish I3
SPAN 304Advanced Spanish II3
SPAN 327Spain: Civilization and Culture3
SPAN 328Latin America: Civilization and Culture3
SPAN 374Education Across Borders: Mexico and the United States3
THEO 425Theological Ethics and the Environment3
THEO 445Issues and Theologies of Mission3
THEO 465Theological Ethics of Conflict and Peacemaking3
THEO 470Justice, Poverty and Development3

Program director

Photo of Darren Duerksen

Darren Duerksen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Program Director, Intercultural and Religious Studies