Frequently Asked Questions About the Fall 2020 Semester For Traditional Undergraduate RETURNING Students

Will FPU be face-to-face for the Fall semester?

Given the spike in coronavirus cases and the signals we’ve been getting from the governor, FPU’s Fall semester will be online. We will not shift to in-person instruction in the middle of the semester.

What services are open to assist me while we are online?

  • Academic Success Center – Including tutoring, writing assistance, academic coaching, and more!
  • Counseling Center – Provides free online private mental health counseling sessions to FPU students
  • Office of Spiritual Formation and Diversity
  • ALAS Intercultural Learning Center
  • STEM Learning Communities
  • Library
  • Student Life
  • Sunbird Food Pantry
  • Residence Life
  • Commuter Services
  • Student Financial Services
  • College Hour and Mentoring
  • IT Help Desk
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Information Desk
  • Athletic Office
  • Campus Safety (for on campus issues)
  • Career Development

And more! This is not a complete list, just a sample of ALL the services still open at FPU while you are taking classes online. Please keep in mind that “open” may not be the physical office on campus. Some services, like classes, are operating remotely. Please check before coming to campus.

Will my tuition be reduced because of going online?

Moving classes online can pose a challenge for some students and be beneficial to others. In either case, our main concern, next to safety, is to help every student succeed in their educational goals. To this end, FPU has chosen not to discount its tuition, which would force a reduction in student support, but to take proactive steps to help students succeed in an online environment. Some of these steps include:

  • Adding staff to act as mentors to sophomores and juniors
  • Increasing the level of support in the Academic Success Center
  • Providing faculty additional training in online course development and teaching
  • Bringing in outside experts to help improve the quality of our online classes
  • Implementing software to improve our online interactions with students
  • Purchasing laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots to loan to students who need them
  • Hiring extra faculty to keep section size low
  • Making emergency grants available to students experiencing financial difficulty because of the coronavirus

We are confident these steps and others, combined with the personal attention FPU is known for, will help our students succeed online this semester. If you have concerns about online learning, we encourage you to try the FPU online experience.

What about Student Fees?

Traditional Undergrad (TUG), Degree Completion, and Graduate Student Fees help offset a variety of student support services, like those listed above, that will continue in the online mode. However, the TUG fee also includes a number of on-campus activities that will not take place. To account for this, the TUG Student Fee will be reduced from $249 to $150 for the Fall semester.

Will my financial aid award change? 

  • Although tuition will remain the same, we are reducing the TUG Student Body Fee for the Fall Term 2020 to $150 (reg. $249).   
  • Student Financial Services will be adjusting financial aid packages based on students moving from on-campus housing to living with their parents or off-campus. If you were planning to live on campus and are now going to be at home, you will be receiving a new financial aid package in the next couple of weeks which removes the on-campus room and board charges. In most cases, your balance due will be less than your original package.
  • Academic and performance-based (Music, Theater, Art, Athletic) scholarship amounts will be honored up to the cost of tuition this fall[D1] . 
  • Keep in mind that some students may experience adjustments to their need-based aid as a result of changes to their cost of attendance and financial need. For example, in some cases, the Residence Success Grant (for On-Campus) may be replaced by the Fresno Pacific Grant (for Commuters).
  • Our Student Financial Services team is working hard to update all of the packages in a timely manner. Please be patient as they are working on getting them out!

My family has had financial challenges because of the Coronavirus situation. Can you help me?

FPU has emergency funds available for students who qualify for federal financial aid and who need help paying for their education because of the coronavirus (e.g., the student or a parent lost a job). Please contact Student Financial Services for details at 559-453-2041 or

Are there jobs on campus? I was awarded work study. 

There will be a very limited number of jobs available on campus due to the shift to online learning for the Fall semester. Opportunities for work-study and off-campus jobs can be found through the Career Development Center 

Will the residence halls be open? What about my housing deposit?

The residence halls will be closed to the general student body. However, housing on campus will be available to all students that have approved exemptions to live on campus. Only those with significant expressed need will be allowed to live on campus to begin the year. As requirements relax the university may reevaluate the possibility of other students moving onto to campus in small numbers.