Provost Faculty Scholarship Recipient

Jay Pope, Ph.D.

Jay Pope, director of the psychology program, explores the ethnic identity and religious orientation of second-, third- and fourth-generation survivors of the Armenian genocide. Nearly 100 years after it began, the effects may still be observed in the Armenian community.

"I am particularly interested in how this population is functioning in our society, exploring the nature of their religious identity, and how the genocide may be affecting their livelihoods to this day," Pope says.

Data are collected from surveys of Armenians in Beirut, Lebanon, and Fresno, California (two cities with large Armenian communities). The study examines the importance of both cultural and personalized religious faith among these groups, generational differences among genocide survivors and differences between those living in the United States and those in the Middle East. Pope will ultimately be able to assess how issues of genocide are still affecting Armenians in specific ways.

It is part of what Pope sees as his contribution "to the overall narrative of the Armenia diaspora."

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