Why study in Fresno?

The Fresno metropolitan area is fast-growing and ethnically and culturally diverse. Big city amenities set in a friendly atmosphere give it a defining quality, and its central location provides easy access to the best of the rest of California.

As the Central Valley's largest city, with a population over 480,000, Fresno is situated in the heart of California between San Francisco and Los Angeles. A strong economy helps Fresno serve as the business, financial, cultural and entertainment center of the valley.

Fresno's ethnically diverse population is reflected in its restaurants, museums, festivals and cultural opportunities—a true cosmopolitan community. The friendly environment offers good schools, many churches, a wide variety of dining options, major retail stores and malls, as well as artistic entertainment including a philharmonic orchestra, theater companies, an opera, several museums, art galleries and live entertainment venues.

The Fresno area diversity also extends to its natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Lakes, rivers, foothills, mountains and the beautiful valley floor provide golf courses, water parks, bike and backpack trails, rock climbing, skiing, hunting and fishing. Three of the nation's most scenic national parks—Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks—are all within a 1½ hour drive.

An agreeable climate makes it easy to enjoy what Fresno has to offer. The sun shines over 300 days each year. Summers are sunny and dry, while winter months are cool and wet. Spring and fall are mildly pleasant.