IT Services Maintenance

Regular procedures must be performed on information technology (IT) systems to ensure they are properly maintained. Many of these maintenance procedures require interruption of services for the duration of the procedure. Systems include services such as software applications, servers, voice, video and data communications, local areas networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), wireless networking (WLAN), and Internet. Campus locations include Bakersfield Center, main Fresno campus, Merced Center, North Fresno Center and Visalia Center.

Due to the size, complexity, integration and convergence of FPU’s IT systems, weekly maintenance windows are required to properly maintain FPU’s IT systems.

Information technology services (IT services) has established the following standardized maintenance windows to be used for repairs, installations, upgrades, testing, patches, and other processes and procedures which may cause limited or no access to IT system resources. During the scheduled maintenance window you may experience anything from slow response, limited access, or no connectivity; or you may experience no interruption whatsoever.

Standard Maintenance Windows

Saturday 9:00 p.m. through Sunday 2:00 a.m. (Pacific Time)

Emergency and time-critical maintenance or repairs may be performed outside of the normal maintenance windows.

If approved by IT services and in consultation with key functional personnel, the scope of work designated for one maintenance window may be performed or extended to the other maintenance windows.

IT services does anticipate the need to use every maintenance window every week; hence, it is important to set aside the time and encourage the campus community to plan accordingly.


Planned maintenance activities will be announced in university communications and the website. IT services will continue to send the Fresno Pacific community an email message when a planned maintenance activity may cause a significant outage or occur/extend past the normal maintenance window.

There may be occasions during an emergency or time-critical event where notification may be made after the maintenance procedure has been completed.

Emergency and time-critical maintenance or repairs may be performed outside of the normal maintenance windows and performed with minimal or no prior notifications. Post event notifications will be sent.

Off-campus providers (such as Internet or telecommunications providers) may have different maintenance schedules which are outside the control of IT services.

Please contact the IT service help desk at 559-453-3410 or to inquire about any service disruption you experience.

2013-2015 Maintenance Schedule