Service Requests

Our goal in Information Technology Services is to respond to your requests for service in a thorough and timely manner. It is our sincere desire to do so immediately; however, that may not be possible in every case. Here is a simple set of guidelines we are working toward in responding to service needs across campus.

Please include the following when you make your service request (via email):

  • Your name
  • Your telephone extension
  • The location where service is needed
  • A brief description of the request (or problem)

If your computer won't turn on, won't print, or is "frozen," call the Helpdesk immediately (extension 3410), and one of our staff will make every effort to assist you over the phone or to arrive at your workstation as soon as possible to investigate the problem.

If your phone is without a dial tone, borrow a coworker's phone and call the Helpdesk immediately (extension 3410), and one of our staff will make every effort to assist you right away.

If you can't access Datatel, email, or the Internet, contact the Helpdesk immediately (extension 3410) for immediate assistance and/or advice.

If your request for service involves a space move (rearranging furniture in an office, moving from one office to another, etc.), we want to help you make the transition a smooth one. There may be details related to phones, network ports, etc. that need to be addressed so that on the day of the actual move, your set-up can be complete, and you can settle in without any technological complications. If your "rearrange" requires changes to phones, phone numbers, Ethernet access, etc., please submit your service request (via email) with as much advance notice as is possible (at least two weeks) so we can schedule staff to assist you both in the planning and in the actual execution of the move.

If you need software added or hardware updated on your computer, please follow the purchase order instructions detailed on this website. We will make every effort to install the products as soon as they arrive at the university and will contact you immediately when they are ready to be delivered.

If you think your computer needs to be repaired, follow the service request instructions above. Laptops may be brought to the IT services department in the basement of Kriegbaum Hall. We will schedule inspection and/or pick up your desktop at your workstation. Since a timeframe for completion of the repair work is dependent upon the type of repair (or replacement) required and on the availability of parts, etc., we cannot predict how long the process will take. Be assured that we will address your needs in a timely manner and will update you on our progress at each step along the way.

If your computer has not been backed up, please follow these backup instructions.

Whenever you make a service request we will provide as accurate an estimate as possible about how soon you can expect the project to be completed. If we cannot provide immediate assistance, we will make every effort to address your needs in a timely manner and to update you on our progress along the way.