Q. Who leads the College Hour Program?

A. The Office of Spiritual Formation & Diversity (OSFD) provides leadership for College Hour as part of its responsibility to help students grow in their faith. OSFD staff are available to all members of the FPU community for prayer, counsel and conversation.

Q. How do I get credit for attending?

A. Students must arrive on time, stay for the entire event and bring their ID cards to be scanned in order to get credit.

Q. What if I come late to chapel after the scanners are gone?

Scanners will be present to give credit up to 10 minutes after the chapel has started. If you arrive after the scanners have left, you will not be able to receive credit for that chapel and will need to choose another chapel to attend for credit.

Q. Who is required to attend College Hour?

A. All full-time traditional undergraduate students will be automatically registered each semester for College Hour. Part- time students may also register to receive credit.

Q. How many College Hour programs am I required to attend?

A. Students who attend 14 College Hour programs in a semester earn 1⁄2 unit of academic credit for that semester. Students who attend fewer than 14 programs will receive a grade of NC (no credit) on their transcripts. Important: The last day of classes is the last day to accumulate College Hour credits for any fall or spring semester (not the last day of final exams). Notice of the last day to fulfill requirements will be included in regular College Hour communications.

Q. How can I check how many College Hours I've attended?

A. Students may check their College Hour attendance through Moodle. Log on to the Moodle page, you should have a college hour course.

Q. What if I don’t get credit for a chapel I attended?

All chapels are streamed live and uploaded by our media department. Students are responsible for checking their chapel attendance on Moodle.

If a chapel is missing from a student’s report, that student must contact Collegehour.Assist@fresno.edu within 2 weeks of the missing chapel that was attended.

For the credit to be applied, an email must include a three-sentence summary describing:

  • The chapel’s date, time, and location
  • The speaker’s name
  • Summary of the chapel and the topic that was discussed

Any missing chapels that are not reported within 2 weeks of the missing chapel will not receive credit. In that case, the student would need to attend another chapel for credit.