Accounting Society of FPU

The Accounting Society of Fresno Pacific University creates a framework and structure to prepare accounting emphasis students to enter the professional environment of accountancy, network with local professionals, and learn out about internship opportunities in Fresno and the surrounding area. Further, the Society seeks encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accounting.

Amigos Unidos

Amigos Unidos (AU) serves the FPU community by enriching the college life with the Hispanic culture. Other than being one of the longest standing charter clubs, AU continues to bring new traditions to enjoy and await eagerly.

Art Club

Fresno Pacific University Art Club is focused on the exploration of artworks. Both in students creating their own works and exploring new medias, as well as being enveloped in a variety of famous works from cultures around the world. We hope to do so by engaging students in various workshops to explore painting, drawing and other medias, as well as trips to local museums or art exhibits across California.

Asian Flavor

The purpose of the Asian Flavors club is to bring the tradition of Asia through both food and education to Fresno Pacific. The University has a large population of Asian students, of which we wish to get involved and be exposed to their traditions and culture. Not only is it a learning experience for these Asian students, who may be second or third generation Asian/American whose traditions are forgotten, but it is also a learning experience for members of different cultures.


The FPU cheer team is open to all incoming and current full-time male and female students at FPU.
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Classics Club

We are a club which seeks to emphasize the importance of the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome through activities which aim to create a greater appreciation of classical culture in the student body while having fun at the same time. We do everything from historical movie nights to field trips to classically themed places to study parties for the student body. Anyone is invited to join our club; no previous knowledge or experience of classical culture is required.

Colors of India

Colors of India is a club at Fresno Pacific University. Our goal is to bring learn and experience Indian culture, traditions, festivals, and food. Most importantly, Colors of India seeks to educate everyone about the different religions of India on our campus.


The DREAMers is a club that seeks to advance the awareness of undocumented students here at Fresno Pacific University. We are a student run organization that seeks to advance the cause of this demographic through social justice and political activism.

FPU Dance Club (FPUDC)

FPU DC believes in the power of dance and was created to use it as a tool to build community on campus, to address serious issues with dance, and also to entertain and share the gifts in some of us with the whole FPU family. United by our faith in God and our love for dance, The FPU dance crew exists for a common purpose: Praise God while empowering and entertaining the school and anybody willing to watch us.

History Club

The History Club is dedicated to enjoying history in fun and exciting ways. Our goal is to make history come alive for future generations. Whether you are an avid historian or just enjoy history this club is for you.


Images is a Club for African-American students and others who are interested and eager to learn more about the African-American culture, through various events and activities on campus.

International Club

Fresno Pacific International Club is a group of students from countries across the world as well as students from America. We work together in helping each other, since we all are part of one big community. International Club provides great opportunity for students to explore and learn American culture as well as California. Our main goal is to provide "home-like" environment for everyone and make them feel welcomed in different culture.

Missions Club

Fresno Pacific’s Missions Club seeks to spread the message of Christ by taking an active role in areas of need, both locally and worldwide. The missions club is a student run organization that is active on topics of social justice, while maintaining our Christ centered focus.

Pre Health Association

The Fresno Pacific Pre-health Association is a group of aspiring doctors, dentists and other allied health professionals. The club aims in providing students with volunteering, networking, conference and research opportunities. At monthly meetings, students share class scheduling, personal experience and advice to assist one other in hopes of gaining successful admittance to graduate healthcare programs.

Pre Law Coalition

The Fresno Pacific University Pre-Law coalition seeks to enhance the pre-law experience here on campus. We seek to develop and support our members, of which seek to become aspiring law professionals, through mutual support, seminars, and participation in the community of law, both locally and regionally.

Sunbird Conservatives

It is the goal of the Sunbird Conservatives Club to ensure that young Americans are provided with an understanding of and are inspired by the ideas of limited government, individual freedom, We are committed to our conservative principles and will strive to articulate those principles through civil discourse in order to preserve American conservative thought and honor our founders. free enterprise, personal responsibility, traditional values, and the importance of a strong national defense.

In addition to our charter clubs, Fresno Pacific University is host to a multitude of other clubs that range from political activism, professional development, and of course, recreation. If you have questions about current clubs or starting your own club, please contact the Clubs Coordinator.