Meet the ALAS Team

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Francisco Del Canto Viterale
Francisco Del Canto Viterale, Ph.D.

ALAS Project Coordinator
Intercultural Learning Center, SCC 122

  • Responsible for providing required services to all ALAS Program participants, keeping track of participant records and assisting in the development of workshops for students, faculty and staff
  • Ph.D. specializing in International and Intercultural studies as well as Latin American studies
  • Experience working as a university lecturer and researcher in Spanish, Latin American and Latinos Studies, International Migration and International Scientific Relations

Manuela Gabriel
Manuela Gabriel, Ph.D.

ALAS Assistant Project Director
Intercultural Learning Center, SCC 122

  • Responsible for building community commitment, marketing the ALAS program, recruiting program participants and supervising the coordination of the ALAS Team and Title V Grant execution
  • PhD specializing in International Migration, Gender Equality, Diversity and Intercultural Competencies
  • Speaks four languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian

Celest Lopez
Celeste Lopez

ALAS Research Analyst
Institutional Research, KBH 110

  • Responsible for performing statistical analysis of data and interpretation of results; also maintains student records and tracks participation
  • Provides each member of the ALAS Team with the necessary information to ensure student success.
  • FPU alumni; B.A. in Spanish and in Intercultural Studies (2018)

Javier Patino
Javier Patino

ALAS Academic Supervisor
Academic Support Center, MAR 112

  • Responsible for assisting students with time management, organization study skills, and campus engagement.
  • First generation FPU alumni: B.S. in Business Management (2015)
  • Dedicated to investing in the education of students enrolled.

Patty Salinas
Patty Salinas, M.A.

ALAS Title V Project Director
Intercultural Learning Center, SCC 122

  • Responsible for leading, facilitating and supervising all aspects of the grant implementation
  • Serves as the primary point of contact with the U.S. Department of Education on all grant-related matters. Provides reports and documents on project progress, grant management, budgeting and grant compliance
  • First-generation FPU alumni: B.A. in Business Administration, and an M.A. in Higher Education Administration and Leadership from Fresno State University