Meet the ALAS Team

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Patty Salinas

Patty Salinas, M.A.

ALAS Title V Project Director
Office location: Intercultural Learning Center, SCC 122
Telephone: 559-453-3434

  • Responsible for leading, facilitating and supervising all aspects of the grant implementation
  • Serves as the primary point of contact with the U.S. Department of Education on all grant-related matters. Provides reports and documents on project progress, grant management, budgeting and grant compliance
  • First-generation FPU alumni: B.A. in Business Administration, and an M.A. in Higher Education Administration and Leadership from Fresno State University

Manuela Gabriel, Ph.D.

ALAS Assistant Project Director
Office location: Intercultural Learning Center, SCC 122
Telephone: 559-453-7185

  • Responsible for building community commitment, marketing the ALAS program, recruiting program participants and supervising the coordination of the ALAS Team and Title V Grant execution
  • PhD specializing in International Migration, Gender Equality, Diversity and Intercultural Competencies
  • Speaks four languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian

Francisco Del Canto Viterale, Ph.D.

ALAS Project Coordinator
Office location: Intercultural Learning Center, SCC 122
Telephone: 559-453-7181

  • Responsible for providing required services to all ALAS Program participants, keeping track of participant records and assisting in the development of workshops for students, faculty and staff
  • Ph.D. specializing in International and Intercultural studies as well as Latin American studies
  • Experience working as a university lecturer and researcher in Spanish, Latin American and Latinos Studies, International Migration and International Scientific Relations

Javier Patino

Javier Patino

ALAS Academic Supervisor
Office location: Academic Support Center, MAR 112
Telephone: 559-453-7169

  • Responsible for assisting students with time management, organization study skills, and campus engagement.
  • First generation FPU alumni: B.S. in Business Management (2015)
  • Dedicated to investing in the education of students enrolled.

Angelica Gil Garcia

Angelica Gil Garcia

ALAS Career Counselor
Office location: Career Services in Student Life
Telephone: 559-453-7157

  • Responsible for providing students with career-related assistance and resources specific to their program, such as mock interviews, internships, graduate programs, job opportunities and other career-related information
  • Specializes in developing resumes, cover letter and analyzing career assessments to facilitate the students during their career exploration
  • B.A. in Spanish and M.A. in School Counseling with the option in Student Affairs and Counseling (2017)
  • Passionate about providing guidance to students throughout their career and professional development
  • Assists students in establishing and achieving their career goals and thriving in their future professional career

Celeste Lopez

ALAS Research Analyst
Telephone: 559-453-7167
Office: Institutional Research, KBH 110

  • Responsible for performing statistical analysis of data and interpretation of results; also maintains student records and tracks participation
  • Provides each member of the ALAS Team with the necessary information to ensure student success.
  • FPU alumni; B.A. in Spanish and in Intercultural Studies (2018)