Career Assessment, Selection & Programs

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Choosing a career after military life can be a challenge for many. Take an interest assessment, find occupations that match your interests, explore the various facets of those jobs and map out your career plan with the resources below.

  • Career One Stop Interest Assessment – this quick 30-question interest assessment takes about five minutes to complete and displays careers that fit your interests.
  • My Next Move for Vets – search careers like your military job, by key words or industry. Still not sure? Take the O*NET Interest Profiler, which suggests careers based on the type of work you enjoy.
  • Military to Civilian Occupation Finder – match your military skills and experience to civilian occupations.
  • Criminal Justice Degree Guide – explore criminal justice careers here.
  • Best College Degrees for Veterans to Earn – read this article that outlines a few occupations that can be applied to various fields of study in college.
  • Vocational Careers – find 10 sample careers showing the military branch and job title, civilian job match, further education and how to get it, three skills beneficial for that civilian career and the matching military skills.
  • CDELC Career Exploration & Planning – Use the information and resources on this page to get the most out of your career exploration experience. When you have finished exploring, map out your career plan before making a move.