Community and Academic Standards

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Appeals Process

Appeals may be made only on the basis that one or more of the following factors have contributed to an unfair or unsupported decision:  A) the process deviated from applicable policy/procedures, B) serious violation(s) of other university policies, rules or procedures, C) preponderance of facts or other evidence not consistent with the final decision, D) new information is available that was not available at the time the matter was originally considered and/or E) bias or discrimination in the review process.

When an appeal is made, all relevant university officials will cooperate fully in presenting and discussing the recommendations and actions.  The original university official decides the appropriate process for consideration of the appeal.

Absent unusual circumstances, the appeals processes should normally be completed within twenty (20) business days of receipt of the appeal.  Appeal decisions made under this section are final.

Restorative Discipline

FPU is committed to honoring God by dealing with all violations and offenses by holding students accountable to the community for their behavior in ways that recognize and protect dignity and promote personal growth and maturity while encouraging reconciliation and restoration. One aim of community life at FPU is that all members strive to voluntarily and consciously experience and nurture right relationships with God and with others. This requires a lifestyle of Christian discipline through accountability, which begins with self-examination and self-control and includes personal and communal responsibility. Discipline at FPU, then, is an expression of the practice of community.

God has called us into community, a network of mutually caring and uplifting relationships patterned after the example given to us by Jesus Christ. Recognizing that we who are involved in community are imperfect people influenced by an imperfect world, restorative discipline at Fresno Pacific University is intended to be a process that:

  1. Is fair and just.
  2. Will enhance the academic purpose and atmosphere of the campus.
  3. Is educational and developmental for the students involved, encouraging student maturity by providing students with the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.
  4. Provides opportunity for reconciliation of those who have been harmed or estranged, enabling the restoration of an individual to his or her place in the community.
  5. Encourages student responsibility by holding students accountable for their own actions, including making restitution for damages.
  6. Enhances the atmosphere of safety and wellbeing on campus.