Challenge Exam

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The student pays the appropriate challenge exam fee (see Tuition and Fee Schedule), sits for the examination and if successful in passing is given credit for the course. Students on academic probation cannot challenge a course by examination unless such challenge is specifically allowed in their probation agreement.

Students should consult the appropriate program administrator to learn which courses are available for waiver or challenge, and for the limits on waivers. Usually there is a specified list of courses that may be challenged or waived. 

In addition, a course may not be challenged when:

  • The student previously has been awarded credit for duplicate coursework or for related, more advanced coursework. 
  • The student is enrolled in that course for credit or audit during the same term.
  • The student previously has received a failing or NC grade or has unsuccessfully challenged that course.
  • Generally, practicum, seminar, capstone and 600-level courses are not available for course challenge. 

Examinations for course challenge will cover the entire subject matter taught over a semester-long course and are intended to show mastery of the subject matter.  A grade of CR will be posted when a letter grade equivalent to a C- or higher is earned.  No record is posted when a student fails to earn a grade of C- or higher. Units earned via course challenge do not count toward the determination of a student’s load status, but do count toward graduation and SAP calculations.  Requests for course challenge (challenge exams) are made during regular registration periods.