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Traditional Undergraduate Programs

Students not enrolled in the previous semester may reapply for admission by submitting a Traditional Undergraduate Re-admission Form with the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Students who have attended another educational institution during the intervening semester(s) must have a transcript of their record at that school sent to Fresno Pacific University. Acceptance for reenrollment will be governed by the policies regulating the admission of transfer students.

Degree Completion Programs

To reenter a program with a cohort other than the cohort immediately following, the student must reapply by completing a Degree Completion Re-admission Form. The academic advisor will determine if the student may reenter and if any conditions apply for readmission. Once approved, the student may enroll in the cohort following the last course successfully completed. The student will be charged at the current tuition rate for any course repeated.

Graduate Programs

Graduate students who have not enrolled for one or more semesters or been granted an official leave of absence, will need to reapply to the university. Please contact the Regional Enrollment Office at 559-453-2016 for more information.