De-Identified Student Data

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To organizations conducting studies for or on behalf of education agencies or institutions to develop, validate and administer predictive tests, or to improve instruction, the university chooses to release information only after all personally identifiable information has been removed. Personally identifiable information includes direct identifiers such as social security number as well as indirect identifiers such as the name of the student’s parent or family member that would allow a reasonable person in the community to identify the student with reasonable certainty. FPU will enter into a written agreement with the recipient organization, specifying the purposes of the study. The written agreement will specify that:

  1. the information from the education records may only be used to meet the purposes of the study stated in the written agreement,
  2. the records must not be disclosed, and
  3. the information must be destroyed upon completion of the study.

The university will not release information that is requested by a person who the institution reasonably believes has direct, personal knowledge of the identity of the student to whom the education record directly relates without the student’s consent.