Obtaining Education Records of Deceased Students

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Education records of former students, including deceased former students, are kept confidential. Education records of deceased former students may be released or disclosed, at the time of death, upon written request, to a spouse, a parent, the executor of the estate, the eldest surviving child, the eldest surviving sibling, and surviving descendent, or pursuant to a court order or subpoena. Only the Registrar may release the educational records of deceased students.

The petitioner must provide as much of the following student information as possible within their written request:

  1. Student’s Name (and maiden name, if applicable)
  2. Student’s date of birth
  3. The dates that the deceased student attended Fresno Pacific University
  4. Death certificate (a photocopy is acceptable)

The petitioner must also provide the following personal information within the written request:

  1. Address
  2. Phone number
  3. A statement certifying that he or she is qualified to received the records, based on the above criteria.
  4. Signature
  5. Date of request

The request should be addressed to the Registrar.