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When a course reaches its authorized capacity, a student may request to be placed on a waitlist. A course waitlist is a list of students who wish to register for a course if and when space becomes available. The following paragraphs contain information, policies and procedures related to course waitlistsPlease see DC Specific Instructions at the bottom of this page.

  1. Any eligible student wishing to enroll in a course that has reached its authorized capacity may request to be added to that section’s waitlist. The student is not automatically added to a course waitlist unless the student makes this request. For enrollment through WebReg, the student will be prompted to be placed on a waitlist. If they are registering by paper, the Registrar’s Office staff will check the class and if the class is closed, the student will be notified and may be added to the waitlist by request.
  2. A student may not register for a section of a course AND be placed on a waitlist for another section of the same course; however a student may be waitlisted for multiple sections of the same course.
  3. A priority is given based on the criteria set up by program directors. In many cases waitlists are determined by class level and time of waitlisting.
  4. It should never be assumed that a waitlisted course results in official registration. Students should work with their mentor/advisor to select alternate courses in case the waitlisted course remains full. A student on a waitlist is not officially enrolled in that course and thus is not eligible to receive a grade in that course.
  5. Once a spot on the waitlist opens, the first student will be notified via their @fpu email that they may register for the course. The student has 24 hours to respond, otherwise the open spot will roll to the next student.
  6. Any student with a financial hold will not be allowed to enroll in a course from the waitlist.
  7. Course waitlists are maintained through the end of the second week of the semester; after the second week of the semester, a waitlisted student must follow the university’s add-drop procedure in seeking permission of the instructor to enroll in the course.
  8. A student on a waitlist may attend the waitlisted course for two weeks, if seating is available and if the instructor gives permission, in the hope that a space will become available for that student to register.
  9. The decision to add a student to the course after the second week of the semester rests entirely with the course instructor. If the instructor decides to allow additional students to enroll in the course, it is highly recommended that she/he enroll students from the waitlist before considering other students who may not have been on the waitlist during the first two weeks of the course. The instructor may consider a range of factors, including availability of space in the classroom; other teaching obligations; the student’s capabilities and past performance; and the student’s learning/degree-completion goals.
  10. After the last day for enrolling or adding a course, a student who is not officially enrolled in the course (based on the official class roster through the My Services tab on CampusCruiser) is not allowed to participate in the course and will not have a grade recorded on his or her transcript for that course.

DC Specific Waitlist Instructions
Please note 1-6 above apply to DC students 7-10 do not 
If students face extenuating circumstances (e.g. need the section to graduate that semester), they may talk to their advisor about requesting an exception to the course cap, giving the reason.  DC students should not contact instructors or program directors to ask for an exception.  The university will attempt to accommodate extenuating needs, but does not promise to do so.