Veterans FAQ

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Getting Started

How do I contact the VA?

Veterans can call the VA Education hotline at 1-888-442-4551 or visit the and submit an inquiry using their Ask a Question feature.

How do I apply for my veterans educational benefits?

Apply for benefits through or manage your benefits through If you have used your educational benefits before but are new to FPU, then complete VA Form 22-1995, "Request for Change of Program or Place of Training," for veterans or the VA Form 22-5495 for dependents.

Where do I go to determine the amount of benefits I have remaining?

Veterans can view real-time remaining benefits through Dependents can obtain their remaining entitlement by calling the VA Educational Hotline 1-888-442-4551 or by email request using the VA’s Ask a Question.

Attending FPU

What do I need to turn in to the School Certifying Official?

Once the veteran or dependent has applied for educational benefits, the student will need to submit a copy of their DD214 (if applicable) and Certificate/Letter of Eligibility to the School Certifying Official located in the Registrar’s Office.

Do I have to certify my classes every semester?

In order for your credits to be certified, you must confirm the total number of units you are enrolled in by notifying the School Certifying Official at the beginning of every semester.

How do educational benefits affect my student account?

Once the COE and Student Veteran Responsibility Agreement form has been completed, students utilizing Chapter 31 or Chapter 33 benefits will not be penalized with late fees due to pending educational benefits payments. Students can view payments on their account by going to

Will the VA pay for a repeated course?

Benefits will not be paid for a course in which you already earned a passing grade.

What if I change my major?

Please complete the appropriate form: either VA Form 22-1995, "Request for Change of Program/Place of Training," or Form 22-5495 online at on and notify the School Certifying Official with your updated major.

What about adding a major or minor?

The VA allows a dual objective. Make sure you notify the academic advisor within the college of both majors/minor.

Is there any way I can lose my benefits?

Yes! To avoid that happening, remember to notify a Veterans Services advisor of the changes listed here:

  • Non-attendance in class (last date attended)
  • Non-attendance of the first day of class (beginning of term)
  • Dropping any classes (date you dropped)
  • Increase in credit hours (number and date)
  • Non-payment of fees  Classes not pertaining to your degree
  • Deployment (provide a copy of your orders)

Where is Veterans Services located?

In the Registrar's Office in McDonald Hall on the main campus at 1717 S. Chestnut Avenue, Fresno, CA.

Visit the VA's Education and Training FAQ page for commonly asked questions and answers.