Last Year's Presenters

Keynote Speakers

Eric Hannah - Co-Founder / Director / Producer

Eric Hannah grew up in Orange County, California, where he discovered that he had a passion for making movies as a young boy. In the early 90's, he co-founded a unique retail clothing and film company called Truth Soul Armor and a post-production house called Redline Studios. Through these companies, Eric has written, directed, and produced the movies Extreme Attitude, The Moment of Truth, The Moment of Truth 2, Extreme Days, and Meet Me in Miami. Currently, Eric is a director and producer for the production company he co-owns called New Release Entertainment with his wife Jodi Hannah. In addition, he serves as a visionary president of Lift Up America and Ambassadors of Compassion as his philanthropic passion. These programs serve to support the future of today's youth. Read Eric's full bio...

Jodi Hannah - Co-Founder / President / Producer

Jodi grew up in Coos Bay, Oregon, but moved to Los Angeles at age 17 to pursue a producing career. In 1997, Jodi married Eric Hannah, co-owner of Redline Studios. Shortly thereafter, she became president of Truth Soul Armor and produced The Moment of Truth 2. She later went on to associate produce the films Extreme Days and Meet Me in Miami. As a president of Servant Entertainment, Jodi took the role as spokesperson on their first project, the "Giving Hope Tour" in partnership with Lift Up America. Currently, Jodi is president of New Release Entertainment and an active producer in many of the company’s projects.  Read Jodi's full bio...

Conference Presenters

Carlos Whittaker

In a journey that has taken him from the west coast to the deep south, Carlos has become something unique within the church. Carlos lives for this… to ignite a movement among all generations of Christians that disturbs and disrupts the evangelical church into a place of seeing Christ’s face fresh again. Read more about Carlos...


George Temple, President of Helps2

George has been involved in media business development for 30 years including photography, feature films, video production, e-media and e-commerce. As the founder and creator of Sermonspice, he understands the the power and potential of social media to multiply the reach of worthwhile organizations.


Kham Ornta, Motion Graphics Artist/Video Compositer & Editor

Being in the video production industry for over 12 years, Kham has been involved in an eclectic mix of projects that include online promotions for various movie studios, animated shorts and computer games, as well as local and national commercial spots for businesses and churches. His passion for 2-D and 3-D design has been an integral part of his workflow, and his enthusiasm for storytelling makes for an exciting conversation. Kham is an avid web programmer, leveraging his knowledge of javascript/php/html into many of his projects. He currently works on the creative team at The Well Community Church in Fresno, California, doing what he loves most as well contracting projects through his partnership with Narrowroad Films.

Tatum Shank

Tatum moved to Los Angeles, California immediately after college, and has been actively involved in the entertainment business logging over 19 years of experience that has included acting, writing, producing, directing and the forming of his own production company: Cross Light Productions. Tatum’s writing began as a means to an end for his acting career as he created rolls for himself to play on stage and in film. Having penned several short projects for production, Tatum quickly moved in to the full-length world with his collaborating efforts on several screenplays. He is currently working on a feature film for Entangled Entertainment and New Release Entertainment, as well as finishing up a stage play for a possible end of year run. Read more about Tatum...

Evan Christensen

Known for his skill and artistry as a director of photography, Evan writes, shoots, directs and edits video at Peoples Church in Fresno, California. Lover of Malick, Kubrick, Scorsese, also his wife, he is a graduate of California State University, Fresno and Fuller Theological Seminary.



Libby Friz, Screenwriter

After high school, Libby worked as a cryptologist for the US Government, finished a bachelor’s degree and traveled throughout Asia, teaching children deep in the disputed area of Kashmir. After returning from Asia, she lived in the Big Apple for a year before moving to Northern California for a three-year ministry school where she saw people healed of all types of disease. She has directed hundreds of live, five camera events for Bethel Media as well as produced original content and founded a writer’s room for documentary and creative projects. She honed her screenwriting skills with an L.A. based writing program through Act One and currently works for AMC, in development.

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