Traditional Undergraduate Admission New Student Withdraw/Defer Form

We are sad to see you go! This form is for new students to FPU who are electing to withdraw their application for admission or to request to be withdrawn from classes not yet started.

Please select from one of the following:
Please indicate reason for withdrawing (check all that apply):
If no, we would urge you to consider meeting with your advisor before a final decision is made to review all the aid available and to confirm the data we have on file is correct.

Once the form is submitted, our team will process it and respond with an email confirmation back about your withdrawn or deferred file.

For students who have registered for classes: there will be an additional form that you will need to complete from the Registrar’s Office. Failure to submit this form before the refund deadlines (end of first week of classes), may result in charges to your bill per the FPU catalog policy. The link to the form will be sent in the email confirming your intent to withdraw.

Please contact the admission office if you change your mind or would like to come back at a later date!