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Contemporary Christian Ministries, B.A.

School of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences

What is possible when you follow God's call?

As a Christian Ministry and Leadership major at Fresno Pacific University, you’ll be equipped with tools for ministry in leadership, discipleship, evangelism, pastoral ministry and more.

Whether you’re studying the impact of the Church in the urban world or learning the principles of preaching, you’ll be equipped to immerse yourself in diverse and comprehensive ministry.

Through courses taught by faculty with experience in ministry, missions, and non-profits, you’ll develop your skill in areas of theology, ministry, personal formation and proficiency through an internship that offers hands-on experience and integrated reflection.

Program Highlights

  • Study abroad, with options around the globe
  • Learn outside the classroom with an experiential practicum during senior year
  • Participate in practical ministry internships throughout the Valley to integrates theory and theology
  • Bridge to Ministry pathway and scholarship opportunity offered to first-time freshmen


Program Director: Quentin P. Kinnison, PhD


The contemporary Christian ministries major is designed for students who have an interest in practical forms of service in church and para-church ministries. The major prepares for ministry in three ways: it equips students to enter specific areas of ministry (e.g., youth ministry) in church and parachurch organizations, it provides knowledgeable lay leaders for the church and it provides a basis for further graduate work in seminary or other fields of study. The distinctive feature of the contemporary Christian ministries major is its experiential learning component: the practicum. Practica (internships) are structured so that the student will be participating in a practical ministry that integrates theory with real-life application. This provides an ongoing interface of faith and learning and of theory and practice. It is important for those considering ministry that their character and conduct reflect principles consistent with the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as noted in Scripture, and the lifestyle requirements of the university. Therefore, the university reserves the right to refuse acceptance or continuance in the major of those students who do not meet those requirements. To aid in clarifying God’s call to ministry and student readiness, this major will include a discernment process to be completed in or by the junior year. In addition to the 40-unit major, the student is required to complete one of the following:

  1. A second major. This is a popular option for students who intend to pursue a career in another field but desire to become informed participants in church ministry or to pursue seminary training and then fulltime ministry.
  2. A minor. This option allows the student who wants to focus on preparation for ministry to develop knowledge and skills in another area of interest. The contemporary

Christian ministries major consists of:

  1. A section of required core courses totaling 22 units. This section addresses three different areas: biblical studies and theology, ministry skills and personal nurture. Courses in biblical studies and theology center on the authority and primacy of the Bible and the nature and mission of the New Testament church in an urban context. Courses in ministry skills will explore leadership issues and ministry foundations, and involve the student in an internship. Courses in personal nurture will help discern calling and spiritual formation.
  2. A section of ministry electives totaling 18 units. These courses are designed to meet the specific interests and needs of the student by providing a broad range of topics.

Note: All students in the major are required to take the necessary general education courses in addition to those outlined in the major below.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Theological Content: Demonstrate a basic knowledge of biblical theology, including foundational principles of biblical interpretation and a relevant, contemporary theology of the church.
  2. Christian Leadership Skills: Perform skills in Christian leadership, practical programming, communication (written and oral), pastoral ministries and the practice of hospitality as a Christian imperative.
  3. Personal Awareness: Interpret issues of personal nurture, calling and formation.
  4. Praxis Activity: Develop proficiency and explore calling through an internship experience ministry such as youth, worship or children’s ministry.

Locations Offered

Main Campus Fresno

Required Courses (22 Units)

  • BIB 428 - Biblical Theology Credits 3
  • MIN 200 - Perspectives on Contemporary Christian Credits 1
  • MIN 357 - Christian Leadership and Administration Credits 3 (Not allowed to overlap with focus series.)
  • MIN 360 - The Church in an Urban World Credits 3
  • MIN 379 - Spiritual Formation Credits 2
  • MIN 383 - Introduction to Youth Ministries Credits 3
  • MIN 396 - Ministry Discernment Credits 1 (to be taken spring semester of sophomore or junior year)
  • MIN 482 - Contemporary Ministries Practicum Credits 1 - 3
  •      Taken for 2 units over the course of 3 consecutive semesters

Electives (18 Units)

Select a minimum of 18 units from the following:

  • BLIT-310 -BLIT499 3 - 4 Units Biblical Literature
  • COM 360 - Digital Video Production II Credits 3
  • COM 400 - Intercultural Communication Credits 3
  • COM 420 - Conflict Management and Resolution Credits 3
  • COM 430 - Group Dynamics and Leadership Credits 3
  • THTR 355 - Creative Drama Credits 3
  • MGT 355 - Organizational Behavior Credits 3
  • MGT 362 - Nonprofit Management Credits 3
  • MIN 340 - Theology, Culture and U2 Credits 2
  • MIN 358 - Creative Communication in Ministry Credits 2
  • MIN 375 - Discipleship and Evangelism Credits 2
  • MIN 378 - Introduction to Worship Ministries Credits 3
  • MIN 382 - Introduction to Children’s Ministries Credits 3
  • MIN 386 - Youth Ministries Methods Credits 3
  • MIN 390 - Introduction to Preaching Credits 2
  • MIN 470 - Pastoral Ministries Credits 3
  • MIN 475 - Urban Los Angeles Immersion Credits 1
  • MUS 400 - Music in the Church Credits 3
  • PSY 350 - Child Development Credits 3
  • PSY 355 - Adolescent Development Credits 3
  • PSY 440 - Counseling Credits 4
  • REL 418 - Culture, Religion and the Church Credits 3
  • REL 452 - World Christianity Credits 3
  • REL 460 - Religions of the World Credits 3
  • SOC 350 - Marriage and Family Credits 3
  • THEO 365 - Perspectives on Global Missions Credits 3
  • THEO 425 - Theological Ethics and the Environment Credits 3
  • THEO 430 - Contemporary Theologies Credits 3
  • THEO 445 - Issues and Theologies of Mission Credits 3
  • THEO 465 - Theological Ethics of Conflict and Peacemaking Credits 3


Other courses may be chosen in consultation with the program director.

Possibilities Await
With an FPU Education

Whether you're a high school student, transfer student or parent, you'll find all the resources you need including application steps, tuition & financial aid, transfer and orientation information.

First Steps to Admission

  • Submit an application for admission (online or printable mail-in)
    There is a $40 application fee, which may be waived with attendance at certain events.
  • Send official copies of your transcripts to FPU.
  • Complete the FAFSA. It can be completed starting October 1st. (FAFSA Code: 001253)
Recommended High School Courses for Admission
  • 4 years of college preparatory English
  • 3 years of college preparatory mathematics
  • 2 years of social studies
  • 1 year of laboratory science
  • 1 year of performing art
  • 3 years of the same foreign language with a C- or better
Things to Keep in Mind

Fresno Pacific University’s accepted students have average GPAs of 3.2-3.6. Please speak with an admission counselor to discuss your eligibility.

All application materials should be submitted online or mailed to:

Office of Undergraduate Admission
Fresno Pacific University
1717 S. Chestnut Ave. #2005
Fresno, CA 93702

Non-traditional Admission

Steps for Re-application

For those students who have applied to FPU’s traditional undergraduate program within the past 2 years and did not attend. Students who applied more than 2 years ago will need to resubmit a full application for admission:

  1. Fill out the re-application form
  2. Submit a non-refundable re-application fee of $15
  3. Submit any missing documents or updated transcripts
Steps for Re-admission

Former FPU students who have not been enrolled in and/or have not submitted a leave of absence form for the previous semester are required to re-apply for admission to FPU:

  1. Fill out the re-admission form
  2. Submit a non-refundable re-admission fee of $15
  3. Submit official transcripts from other educational institutions attended during absence from FPU
Steps for Non-matriculated Admission

Students interested in taking classes, usually for personal or professional development, or to transfer to another institution, and is not interested in a degree from FPU. Non-degree students are not eligible for federal, state or institutional aid. Other requirements, class limits and pre-requisites may apply. See the academic catalog for more information:

  1. Fill out the Application for Admission indicating Non Matriculating/Non-Degree status non-matriculation application
  2. Submit a non-refundable admission fee of $15
  3. Submit proof of high school graduation or equivalent
  4. Some classes may require a pre-requisite course. If required, a college transcript will need to be provided
  5. Personal essays are not required
Auditing a class

Students wishing to audit a class at FPU may apply for audit status. Audit classes are not eligible for financial aid and students will not receive course credit.

  1. Fill out the Application for Admission indicating audit status
  2. Submit a non-refundable admission fee of $15
  3. Personal essays are not required

Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

Four-year graduation guarantee graphic

Earning a degree in four years allows you to get a head start on achieving your goals of entering the work force or starting graduate school. FPU guarantees graduation within four years in the traditional undergraduate areas of study. We commit to providing the courses, advising, instruction and preparation. If you fulfill your responsibilities and are unable to graduate in four years, you will receive the needed courses the following semester at no cost in tuition or fees.

Incoming requirements

This guarantee is limited to basic graduation requirements of 120 minimum units including general education, upper-level and elective courses sufficient for a single major with no minor.

  • Where options between courses are available, students are not guaranteed their first choice.
  • This guarantee does not apply to “fifth-year” programs (teacher education credential requirements) or minimum units beyond graduation requirements (CPA qualifications, etc.) beyond the basic four-year bachelor’s degree.
  • The guarantee does not apply to transfer students or to FPU's degree completion programs.
  • Students not able to register for the courses needed within four years must complete the free course(s) within two terms of the end of four years (e.g. a summer and fall for those completing four years in the spring; or spring and summer for those completing four years in the fall).
  • The four-year period may be extended for students required to leave the university for up to one year (see the Leave of Absence section) for medical, military or personal reasons.
Student responsibilities
To qualify for the guarantee students must:
  • Meet with your mentor during the fall semester of the freshman year.
  • Finalize a major and begin prerequisite or lower-division major courses by the second semester of the freshman year and keep that major until graduation.
  • Complete at least 32 units per year (average 16 per semester) with passing grades in each course.
  • Maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA and remain in good standing behaviorally with the university.
  • Meet with the mentor each semester for advising before registration opens and take the courses approved by the adviser/mentor that complete general-education and major requirements, in the appropriate sequence and as they become available.
  • Register within the first week of registration every semester to gain a spot in the classes needed.
  • Notify mentor if unable to register for an approved course so that an alternative plan can be made.
  • Apply for financial aid and submit required documents by appropriate deadlines.
  • Keep student account up-to-date. (Accounts not up-to-date may be placed on hold, preventing registration for courses.)
  • Complete required courses successfully (see Academic Policies section for minimum acceptable grades) without dropping required or approved courses during a semester.

Two-Year Transfer Guarantee for ADT Pathways

FPU guarantees a student with an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) from the California Community College system, can complete their degree in just two years. If a student meets the qualification requirements, fulfills the responsibilities under the program, and are unable to complete their major in a 2-year period, FPU will assume all additional tuition costs needed to complete their undergraduate degree at FPU.

Incoming requirements
  • 60 transferable units [grades of C- or better] from the California Community College system with a completed ADT (Associate Degree for Transfer)
  • Selected an ADT matched (similar) pathway from FPU’s undergraduate degree programs
  • Have completed the necessary pre-requisites in the discipline specific to intended major
  • Have at least a 2.4 transfer GPA
Student responsibilities
To qualify for the guarantee students must:
  • Enroll in an average of 15- 18 units per semester; not including repeated courses.
  • Remain in good academic standing by maintaining an institutional grade point average of 2.0 or higher
  • Enroll in the required number of consecutive semesters: 3-4 semesters depending on number of units transferred in
  • Make up units for any failed or withdrawn courses during the guarantee period, which may require you to take more than 15-18 units per semester
    • For TUG you may have to enroll in a summer semester.
  • Fulfill all graduation requirements, including core curriculum, major requirements, and upper division course work requirements.
    • Two Year Guarantee: complete enough upper division courses to have at least 40 upper division units by the end of the 4-semester time frame.
  • Take all required courses during the semester recommended by your Academic Advisor.
  • Register for all upcoming courses during the registration period.
  • Any courses from a Community College with “D+” or lower are non-transferable and require additional courses and semesters to graduate.
  • This guarantee may not apply to students starting in a spring or summer semester start (TUG only).
  • This guarantee is limited to basic graduation requirements: 120 minimum units including general education, upper-level and elective courses sufficient for a single major.

Cost & Financial Aid

The below listed prices reflect the 2021-22 Fall and Spring semesters and do not include any financial aid. Paying for college can be an overwhelming step in education your journey. We can help you find all the opportunities to reduce your out of pocket costs. Over 98% of our student body has received financial aid.

Tuition & Fees

Total Cost Item Amount
12-18 units (full time) per year $33,614
Student body fee $498
Total Tuition and Fees $34,112
Room and Board $8,884
Total Tuition, Fees & Board $42,996
Per-Unit Costs Amount
Per unit / Overload $1,218
Summer Session $400
Private Music Instruction $400
Total Cost Item Amount
12-18 units (full time) per year $32,954
Student body fee $498
Total Tuition and Fees $33,452
Room and Board $8,710
Total Tuition, Fees & Board $42,162
Per-Unit Costs Amount
Per unit / Overload $1,177
Summer Session $300
Private Music Instruction $400

Room & Board Rates

Freshman / Sophmore Housing
Module* Fall Spring
Modules $4,313 $4,313
Jost Modules $4,619 $4,619 

* Full Access Meal Plan Included in Cost (Full Access Required)

Junior / Senior Housing
Suites & Houses Fall Spring
Room only $2,068 $2,068
Room-70 Block Meal Plan (included in cost) $2,719 $2,719
Room - 140 Block Meal Plan (included in cost) $3,276 $3,276
Room - Full Access Meal Plan (included in cost) $4,400 $4,400
Jost Hall (4 person), Willow Gardens (4 person) & Kriegbaum Apartments (3 person) Fall Spring
Apartment - Room only $2,694 $2,694
Apartment - 70 Block Meal Plan (included in cost) $3,345 $3,345
Apartment - 140 Block Meal Plan (included in cost) $3,902 $3,902
Apartment - Full Access Meal Plan (included in cost) $5,026 $5,026
Willow Gardens & Jost Hall  Apartments: 3 Person Fall Spring
Apartments - Room only $3,306 $3,306
Apartments - 70 Block Meal Plan (included in cost) $3,958 $3,958
Apartments - 140 Block Meal Plan (included in cost) $4,514 $4,514
Apartments - Full Access Meal Plan (included in cost) $5,639 $5,639
Stand-Alone Meal Plans Fall Spring
70 Block $651 $651
140 Block $1,208 $1,208
Full Access Meal Plan $2,332 $2,332

* Residents living in the Houses or Willow Gardens Apartments may stay over Christmas break at no extra charge providing they are returning for spring semester. Otherwise, residents must check out at the regular fall check-out dates.

Notes about housing
  • For housing placement purposes only, class standing for the fall semester will carry throughout the entire year (both fall and spring semesters).
  • Residents living in the houses or Willow Gardens Apartments may stay over Christmas break at no extra charge providing they are returning for spring semester. Otherwise, residents must check out at the regular fall check-out dates.
  • Meal plan contract dates will follow the traditional semester.

If you have questions that pertain specifically to housing or what housing you qualify for, please contact Residence Life at (559) 453-5696. Or visit our website at

Financial Aid

Freshman Scholarships

Name Amount
Paragon Full Tuition
President's $16,000
Dean's $14,000
Heritage $13,000
Faculty $11,000
Founder's $7,000

Transfer Scholarships 

Name Amount
Transfer Scholar $11,000
Transfer Achievement $8,500
Transfer Academic $6,000
Transfer Partnership $5,000

Performance-based Scholarships

Name Amount
Athletic $500 to Full Tuition
Music $400 to $10,000
Drama $1,300 to $2,000

Other FPU Grants and Scholarships

Name Amount
FPU Possibilities Scholarship Full Tuition
Church Match $500 to $1,500
International Scholarship up to $6,000
Mennonite Brethren Award $4,000
Out of State Student Scholarship $4,000
King & Hamer Leadership Program $4,000
Other Awards $100 to $10,000

Federal and State Grants

Name Amount
Cal Grant A $9,804
Cal Grant B $1,672
Pell Grants $100 to $6,345
FSEOG $100 to $1,500

Federal Loans and Workstudy

Name Amount
Federal Direct $3,500 to $7,500
PLUS Loan Up to remaining cost
Perkins Loan Up to $4,000
Workstudy Contingent on employment

Private Scholarships

Alumni, parents, friends, businesses and foundations have generously provided a special set of scholarships available to students attending Fresno Pacific.

View Private Scholarships

Photo of Alexandra Green

Alexandra Green


The grants, the academic awards, the transfer scholarship – all of it makes it so much more affordable to attend FPU. I know that school isn’t cheap for anyone, but FPU helped me realize that I could actually come to this school because they were going to help me so much financially.

Net Price Calculator

Now that you’ve seen the financial aid opportunities available to FPU students, we can estimate what your true cost may be to attend Fresno Pacific. Please keep in mind that this is just a computer generated, general estimate and may not capture all aid available, please work with your FPU Student Financial Services advisor to discover your true net price.

Calculate for First-Time FreshmanCalculate for Transfer

Career Opportunities

You'll be prepared for a range of employment opportunities in either church or parachurch organizations. Our graduates have gone on to work locally as pastors and with organizations like Youth for Christ and Young Life, and abroad as missionaries and ministers. This major will also prepare you for seminary or graduate study.

Possible Careers

  • Pastor
  • Teacher
  • Children’s minister
  • Youth minister
  • Camp ministry leader
  • Relief ministry leader

Career Development Happens Here

The staff in our Career Development and Experiential Learning Center are here to help you prepare to enter the working world. Whether your a freshman or an FPU alum, there are a number of resources and trainings offered to help you find the internship and job you’re looking for.

  • Resume writing classes
  • Career assessments, exploration & planning
  • Job search and networking opportunities
  • and much more

Visit the Career Development Center