VORP meeting
VORP in courtroom with police chief

Since 1982, the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) has been bringing victims, offenders and their support groups together in safe settings to recognize injustice and search for ways to restore equity, as much as possible, and to clarify a constructive future. These settings have included mediation, community justice conferences and-or family group conferences.

In 2008-09, The Center for Peacemaking & Conflict Studies led a process with the juvenile justice system and VORP leaders that founded Community Justice Conferencing (CJC). The program incorporates the VORP mediation process as a way to serve both offenders and victims of crime. All offenders of certain agreed upon case types are offered the opportunity to participate. The program is a collaborative effort between the court, probation, the district attorney, defense counsel and VORP/CJC that began with a grant from the California Endowment.

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Participants who work together toward a solution are more likely to be successful than when a solution is mandated by the courts.