Student Services

While enrolled as a student in degree completion at Fresno Pacific University, you have full access to all FPU activities and services. Details of these services may be obtained by visiting the student life website.

These services include:

Degree Completion Services

Free Transcript Evaluation - The DC Admissions Office will pay for and submit transcript request forms for all first time evaluations, with student approval. This does not apply to international transcripts. Information on how to request international transcripts can be obtained through the admissions office.

Educational Planning - Once the official transcripts have been received, a DC advisor provides an academic consultation. The advisor reviews all transcripts and advises the applicant of future educational requirements to complete a degree.

Program Advising - A degree completion advisor will provide academic counseling to all students for the duration of their program. The advisor will continue to give academic advising by way of phone, individual appointment or email until the student's degree is posted. This academic counseling ensures that the student completes only coursework that will be transferable toward the degree.

Financial Services - Financial aid services for the DC applicant is provided in cooperation with the FPU Student Financial Services Office. The DC financial aid counselor will meet individually with applicants to review all financial aid options and assist them in filling out any required paperwork.

Textbook Distribution - When students are a member of a cohort in one of our major programs, we will deliver and distribute all textbooks to the classes. Textbooks are included in the total cost of the program. This guarantees that the student will have the resources needed to successfully complete the course. Students taking short term courses will need to purchase textbooks from the FPU bookshop before class begins.

Letter of Verification - The student may use the letter of verification as a means of receiving employer reimbursement for program expenses. The information in the letter of verification gives the name of the student, the cost of the program per course completed, and verifies successful completion of the coursework. You can receive enrollment verifications through the Registrar's Office or your CampusCruiser account.