Biblical and Religious Studies - Theology and Ethics Emphasis

Theology encompasses a system of religious beliefs and teachings, often outlining a set of ethical standards that must be upheld. The theology and ethics emphasis explores these systems throughout the world, and through various periods in history, in order to better understand current beliefs.

Unique Features

This emphasis builds on the biblical foundations of the major, discussing a wide range of topics from Latin American religious thought to Mennonite history. Students select from courses on contemporary theologies, philosophical ethics, Roman politics, the theology of mission and much more.

Our Graduates

A solid understanding of theology and ethics proves useful in many career fields: careers in education, justice, history and ministry are just a few of the possibilities.


Required Courses (20 Units Minimum)

  • THEO-430 Contemporary Theologies (3)
  • THEO-447 Theologies of the Human Person (3)
  • THEO-465 Theological Ethics of Conflict and Peacemaking (3)

Choose a minimum of 8 units from the following

  • HIST-330 Introduction to Mennonite History (3)
  • HIST-350 American Religious History (3)
  • HIST-360 Greece: Drama and Paideia in the Polis (4)
  • HIST-365 Rome: Politics, Pagans and Patristics (4)
  • HIST-370 Medieval Life, Thought and Literature (4)
  • HIST-380 Reformation History and Theology (4)
  • HIST-410 Latin American History and Religious Thought (4)
  • MIN-360 The Church in an Urban World (3)
  • PHIL-110 Introduction to Philosophical Ethics (3)
  • REL-418 Culture, Religion and the Church (3)
  • REL-452 Christianity in the Non-Western World (3)
  • THEO-365 Current Perspectives on Missions (3)
  • THEO-425 Theological Ethics and the Environment (3)
  • THEO-434 Theologies of Radical Discipleship (3)
  • THEO-445 Biblical Theologies of Mission (3)
  • THEO-482 Mission Practicum (1-3)

Electives (6 Units Minimum)

Choose two courses from BIB, BLIT and/or MIN.

Note: Students may cross over no more than one focus series course with coursework in the major.

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