History Minor

History explores the people, cultures, events and actions of the past, in order to shed light on the present and future. The history minor provides students with an introduction to this exploration and develops the tools needed for continued historical reflection.

Unique Features

History is diverse, covering every aspect of human life. Likewise, the history minor offers diverse courses, discussing ancient, medieval, modern and American civilizations. Optional courses focus on modern European, world and religious history.

Our Graduates

The historical discipline-and the breadth of opportunity encouraged by the study of historical periods and events-provides a complementary study for those pursuing majors and anticipating careers in journalism, management, public relations, publishing, government service, church ministries and much more.


General Education Prerequisites

  • HIST -120 Ancient Civilizations (4)
  • HIST -130 Medieval and Early Modern Civilizations (4)
  • HIST -140 Modern Civilizations (4)
  • HIST -150 American Civilization (4)

Required Courses (5 Courses, 16-20 Units)

At least one upper-division course in five of the following areas:

  • Ancient history
  • Medieval, Renaissance or Reformation history
  • Modern European history
  • World history
  • American history
  • Religious or topical history


The minor may be constructed to fulfill the concentration requirement within the liberal studies major, or the history requirements of the social science secondary teaching major.

Parent Program