Intercultural Studies Minor

Culture encompasses our habits, our lifestyle, our languageā€”it shapes who we are has humans. The intercultural studies minor exposes students to cultural contexts other than their own. Students learn central elements of understanding and working in diverse and different cultural environments.

Unique Features

Courses for the intercultural studies minor discuss many of the topics that are enveloped in culture: religion, political science, geography, sociology, theology and communication.

Our Graduates

Skills in intercultural communication and understanding are highly valued in our increasingly globalized world. Because of this the intercultural studies minor supplements and enhances other study programs by exposing students to cross-cultural contexts and providing important insights about diverse and different cultural environments.


Required Courses (7 Courses, 20-21 Units)

  • GEOG-320 Cultural Geography (3)
  • PS-420 International Politics and Organizations (3)
  • REL -418 Culture, Religion and the Church (3)
  • or REL-460 Religions of the World (3)
  • SOC -301 Anthropology for Christian Witness (3)

Select one of the following:

  • REL -452 Christianity in the Non-Western World (3)
  • THEO -365 Current Perspectives on Missions (3)
  • THEO -445 Biblical Theologies of Mission (3)

Select one of the following:

  • COM-400 Intercultural Communication (3)
  • SOC -310 Cultural Communities of California (3)
  • SOC -410 American Ethnicity and Pluralism (3)

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