Kinesiogy Minor: Coaching

This minor covers kinesiology concepts and prepares students to be coaches.

Unique Features

Courses for this minor cover the main topics of the major, focusing on subjects valuable for coaches.

Our Graduates

The coaching minor is for students who would like to coach and is appropriate for coaching in either school or community settings.


Recommended Prior Course

  • KIN-120 Concepts of Wellness (2)

Required Courses (17-18 Units)

  • KIN-270 Nutrition (3)
  • KIN-275 Sport First Aid (3)
  • KIN-316 Coaching Methods (3)
  • KIN-385 Kinesiology Practicum (1)

Select two of the following courses:

  • KIN-345 Analysis of Individual and Dual Sports (2)
  • KIN-351 Analysis of Team Sports (2)
  • KIN-357 Analysis of Outdoor Activities (1)
  • KIN-359 Analysis of Fundamental Movements (1)
  • KIN-368 Analysis of Aquatics (1)
  • KIN-369 Analysis of Fitness Activities (1)

Select one of the following courses:

  • KIN-251 Foundations of Kinesiology (3) KIN-320 Theory of Physical Education (3) KIN-330L Fundamentals of Motor Behavior (4) Fresno Pacific University SCHOOL OF NATURAL SCIENCES 169 KIN-340L Measurement Evaluation (3) KIN-395 Sport and Exercise Psychology (3)

Further Information

Students who pass the standardized exams for KIN-316 Coaching Methods and KIN-310 Sport First Aid earn certification by the American Sport Education Program, which has been recommended for all coaches in the state of California. See program director for details.

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