Peacemaking and Conflict Studies Minor

Conflict within and between people, groups and nations is a consistent—and significant—part of the human experience. Peacemaking explores passive means for managing and resolving such conflict. This minor helps students understand the nature of human conflict and move toward becoming informed and active peacemakers in interpersonal, inter-group and international relationships.

Unique Features

This minor consists of six courses: four courses designed to provide an integrated understanding of conflict and peacemaking based on biblical teaching, historical insights and contemporary understanding and practices, and two electives. Elective courses discuss topics in communication, psychology, political science, management, history, social work and theology.

Our Graduates

The minor in peacemaking and conflict studies is designed to complement study in any major. While all can benefit from this study, it is especially relevant for students preparing for careers that involve working intensely with people, such as business, church and para-church ministries, counseling, education, public service and social work.


Required Courses (6 Courses, 16-18 Units)

Core Program

  • COM-420/SOC-430 Conflict Management and Resolution (3)
  • COM/SOC/PSY/SW-483 Mediation Practicum (1)
  • HIST-455 Historical Peacemakers (3)
  • THEO-465 Theological Ethics of Conflict and Peacemaking (3)

Breadth Program

Select two of the following:

  • BIOL-310L Ecology (4)
  • COM-430/PSY-390 Group Dynamics and Leadership (3)
  • HIST-330 Introduction to Mennonite History (3)
  • MGT-350 Organizational Theory (3)
  • MGT-355 Organizational Behavior (3)
  • MGT-360 Human Resource Management (3)
  • PACS-350/VICT-350 Victims, Trauma & Recovery (4)*
  • PS-380/SOC-450 Social Problems and Public Policy (4)
  • PS-390 Religion and Politics in America (3)
  • PS-400 World Politics and Society (4)
  • PS-420 International Politics and Organization (3)
  • PS-425 Global Economics and Sustainable Development (3)
  • PS-430 America in a Global Community (4)
  • PSY-395/SOC-400 Social Psychology (3)
  • SOC-350 Marriage and Family (3)
  • SW-410 Working With Groups (3)
  • SW-420 Becoming a Change Agent (3)
  • THEO-434 Anabaptist Theology (3)

*This course includes a lab that also meets the 1-unit mediation practicum requirement.

Program Director