Psychology Minor

The psychology minor provides an introduction to human behavior and mental processes. It can serve as a useful addition to another course of study while providing students with enough units to consider graduate studies in psychology.

Unique Features

The minor provides a succinct overview of the psychology field. Courses focus on basic concepts of psychology, statistics, the psychology of learning, child development, personality and several other topics.

Our Graduates

The psychology minor provides graduates with strong critical thinking skills and a working knowledge of human behavior, both of which are invaluable benefits of a liberal arts education and excellent supplemental preparation for many professions and areas of study, especially seminary training, Christian ministry and service, social work, physical education and business employment.


General Education Prerequisites

  • PSY-120 Introduction to Psychology (3)

Required Courses (5 Courses, 15-20 Units)

Select three of the following:

  • PSY-300 Statistics (3)*
  • PSY-350 Child Development (3)
  • PSY-370 Cognitive Psychology (4)
  • PSY-375 Physiological Psychology (4)
  • PSY-380 Psychology of Learning (3)
  • PSY-395 Social Psychology (3)
  • PSY-400 Psychology of Personality (3)
  • PSY-410 Abnormal Psychology (4)
  • PSY-450 History and Systems of Psychology (4)

Select two additional courses (including any of the above) from the psychology curriculum.

*Although PS-400 is not a required course, it is strongly recommended, especially for students who are considering graduate study.

Program Director