Social Work Minor

The social work minor emphasizes a commitment to social justice and a life of service. It serves as an introduction to the field of social work and provides supplemental preparation for students enrolled in people-oriented studies such as contemporary ministries, psychology, communication and education.

Unique Features

The minor in social work is specifically designed for students enrolled in related majors seeking insight into human development. Graduates gain the knowledge and specialized skills necessary for helping people and becoming agents of change in the community.

Our Graduates

When paired with many majors, the social work minor can prepare students for a variety of helping professions and for graduate study in social work, ministry, probation/corrections, mental health, gerontology, school counseling, and a variety of other professions.


General Education Prerequisites

  • PSY-120 Introduction to Psychology (3)
  • SOC-120 Introduction to Sociology (3)

Required Courses (7 Courses, 17-19 Units)

Foundational Courses

  • SW-100 Perspectives in Social Work (1)
  • SW-110 Participation in Volunteer Services (1-3)
  • SW-120 Helping People: An Introduction (3)

Advanced Courses

  • SW-400 Foundations of Social Work Practice (4)
  • SW-410 Working With Groups (3)

Select two of the following:

  • SW-300 Human Behavior in the Social Environment (3)
  • SW-310 Social Gerontology (3)
  • SW-320 Marriage and Family (3)
  • SW-390 Chemical Dependency Intervention (3)
  • SW-395 Studies in Domestic Violence (2)
  • SW-420 Becoming a Change Agent (3)

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