With a minor in classics, you will be introduced to the language and thought of the ancient world, from which many of the foundations of the modern world are derived: Judaism, Christianity, politics, philosophy, history and so forth. With this minor, you will be prepared for advanced study in biblical and religious studies, literature, history, law, philosophy, languages, the classics and many other related areas.


  • Because of history's depth, the classics minor is divided into two emphases: Latin and Greek. Both emphases offer courses in ancient rhetoric and philosophy, religions of world, politics and cultural centers.
  • However, core courses for each emphasis focus on the respective languages. The Greek emphasis also offers an opportunity for guided study.

Career opportunities

With the historical framework and concepts you will gain from the classics minor, you will be prepared for graduate and seminary study in philosophy, religious studies and a wide range of other areas. Career opportunities include church ministry, history education, historical preservation and more.