The pre-health sciences major provides you with a broad, interdisciplinary foundation in the sciences. It will prepare you for entry into medical and dental careers, as well as a variety of allied health fields: nurse, physician's assistant, physical therapy, nutrition, medical technology and more.

The bachelor of arts degree is appropriate for students who desire greater flexibility in their undergraduate coursework. This flexibility may be used to incorporate a minor, a second major, a study abroad program or additional elective coursework.


  • Many health care career options require or strongly recommend a significant amount of experience prior to graduation. BIOL-220 helps students cultivate their aspirations in medical and allied health professions.
  • This course will provide insight into the different careers and explore options for gaining the necessary experience.

Career opportunities

This major offers many unique opportunities for work within natural sciences. It can be tailored for preparation to enter medical or dental school, offering relevant biology, chemistry, math and physics courses necessary for adequate preparation for entrance exams (the Medical College Admission Test, for example).

Program director

alan thompson
Alan Thompson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology