Library Services and Policies

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General circulation

  • Books and multi-media items may be borrowed for a four-week period; videocassettes and CDs may be borrowed for one day.
  • If items in circulation are requested by another borrower, they may be recalled after two weeks.
  • Recalled books must be returned no later than one week after notification has been sent.
  • Persons requesting an item to be recalled will be notified when the item has been returned, and must claim the item within one week.
  • Holds also may be placed on items currently in circulation. The patron will be notified upon their return. They must be claimed one week after notification.
  • Books can be renewed in person or by phone (559-453-2090) for an additional four-week period.
  • Reference books, bound and unbound journals, periodical indexes, and phonograph records may not be checked out by students, and are for use in the library only. Faculty may check out such items for up to one week.
  • Link+ books may be checked out for 21 days, and renewed once for an additional 21 days.
  • Link+ audio-visual resources may be checked out for 7 days, and may not be renewed.

Reserve circulation

  • Reserve items may be borrowed for two-hour, one-day, two-day, or one-week periods, depending on the period selected by the instructor.
  • Reserve items may be renewed if no hold has been placed on them.
  • Items borrowed within 2 hours of closing time are due the following day that the library is open.


Fines are charged for overdue materials at the following rates:

  • regular materials: $.50 per day per item.
  • reserve materials: $.25 per hour or portion thereof, per item.
  • maximum fine per item is $15.00.
  • Charge for lost or damaged items: minimum $50, plus $30 processing fee.
  • Link+ materials: $1.00 per day per item.
  • Charge for lost or damaged Link+ item: $150.

Overdue notices are mailed the day after an item becomes overdue. Second notices are sent after 2 weeks and an invoice for replacement cost of the item is sent after 4 weeks. Fines/charges not paid within a week of the issuance of the invoice will be placed on the student's account in the business office, together with a $5.00 service charge. Borrowing privileges for community borrowers with outstanding fines/charges will be suspended pending payment.

Community borrowers

Community borrower cards are available to anyone from the general public over age 18 for an annual fee of $25. The following groups of people qualify for a community borrower card at no charge:

  • Pastors in the Pacific District Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches
  • FPU faculty emeriti & spouses
  • FPU Board of Trustees members
  • Members of the California Mennonite Historical Society

Community borrowers have borrowing privileges for general circulation items only. They may not check out reserve material, journals, audio-visual items, or other non-print materials. They do not have inter-library loan privileges.

Inter-library loan

Hiebert Library offers inter-library loan services for books and journal articles to all students, faculty, and staff. Use the inter-library loan request form to submit your request.

Textbook acquisitions policy

As a general policy, Hiebert Library does not purchase textbooks that are used for classroom instructional purposes at Fresno Pacific University. The library views the purchase of textbooks as part of the student's expected cost of pursuing a degree in higher education, whereas the library collection is intended to provide research materials and other resources that supplement the learning experience in the classroom. It is impossible for the library to meet student demand for all textbooks given our limited financial resources for library materials, staffing costs, and the high rate (often yearly) of textbook revisions.

Textbooks are defined as: "An edition of a book specifically intended for use of students who are enrolled in a course of study or preparing for an examination on a subject or in an academic discipline . . . sometimes published in conjunction with a workbook, lab manual, and/or teacher's manual." (from ODLIS - Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science, by Joan M. Reitz, Libraries Unlimited.). 

 Not all texts used for instructional purposes are textbooks as defined in this policy. For example, many titles published by university presses lend themselves to adoption in classroom instruction, but such titles are not textbooks.

Exceptions include:

  • A faculty member may donate or loan a textbook with the request to place it on reserve 
  • Subject librarians may purchase a textbook that they determine significantly supports teaching/research interests at Fresno Pacific University 
  • Gifts of textbooks will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine the long-term value for the Library's collection.

Cell phone use policy

  • When entering the library, please set cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices to silent or vibrate mode.
  • Keep cell phone usage to a minimum while in the library, and keep your voice at a low level. If you must have a lengthy phone conversation, please go outside the library to do so.
  • Do not have phone conversations at computer or study stations, in the book stacks, or in areas where other library users are studying nearby.
  • Anyone engaging in disruptive cell phone conversations in the library will be asked by library staff to move outside.

Food and drink policy

The library allows food and drinks in the library under the following guidelines:

  • Beverage containers must have secure tops or lids (such as coffee cups with lids, twist top bottles, travel mugs).
  • Food is limited to light snack or wrapped items. No group meals, fast food or open plates of food are allowed.
  • No greasy, sticky, crumbly or smelly foods.
  • No outside delivery of food is permitted.
  • Clean up after any spills, or tell a library staff member immediately if there is an accident so that damaged materials can be properly treated and cleaned up.
  • Dispose of food and drink containers in trash bins or recycling bins.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies.

Library users may be asked to remove food or beverage containers if judged by library staff to pose a threat to library furnishing, equipment or material.

Computer services

  • The library has 23 Windows computer stations available to be checked out for two-hour blocks; 11 on the first floor and 12 on the mezzanine.
  • All computers are connected to network printers.
  • There are 12 additional stations on the mezzanine with electrical outlets for use with personal laptop computers. This is the best place in the library for laptop users, since convenient electrical outlets are not readily available on the first floor of the library. 
  • There are two podcasting stations located on the mezzanine, which can be checked out for two-hour blocks.

Photocopying services

A self-service photocopy machine is available on the first floor of the library. Copies are 5 cents each. Paper copies from microfilm readers are available for 10 cents each.