Academic Actions and Official Records

Communication with the Registrar’s Office is done via forms which indicate your academic plans, intentions and requests.

Absence Make-up - For DC students only, when attending a different cohort to make up attendance. For further information contact your instructor.

Add/Drop Courses - Make changes to your course registration.

  • Online - This is the fastest and easiest option.
  • Paper - Use this form only when signatures are required to complete the registration process.

Address Change - Log into CampusCruiser and go to the MyServices tab. Select Address Change from the menu on the left hand side.

Advanced Standing for Seminary - FPU undergraduate students may apply to have specific courses waive some FPU Biblical Seminary requirements.

Advancement to Candidacy - Students in master’s degree programs use this form during a mid-point in their program. Approvals are required to continue in the program.

Certificate Application - For graduate students who have completed the requirements for a certificate.

Course Challenge Exam - If you would like to test out of a course use this form.

Credit/No Credit Grade Request - Use to request a CR/NC grade that does not affect your GPA.

Daily Schedule - Class planning sheet for daytime courses for traditional undergraduate students.

Degree Application & Commencement Participation - To apply for your degree and indicate commencement participation, go to the MyServices tab in CampusCruiser (further information).

Enrollment Verification Request - Official verification of registered classes for the current semester only.

Grade Change - If you believe you received the wrong grade, use this form after first discussing it with your instructor. Grades are based on daily work, classroom projects and examinations.

Graduation - Apply for your degree online and indicate whether or not you want to participate in commencement (further information).

Incomplete Grade Request - Use when circumstances dictate that you cannot finish a course on time. Must be completed before the end of the course.

Leave of Absence - Students leaving the university for one or more semesters.

Major/Minor Declaration - Information on choosing a major or minor for traditional undergraduate students.

Petition - Challenge an academic policy or procedure. Do not use for financial petitions. Requirement for degrees and for participation in commencement are not petitionable. Check the list of non-petitionable policies.

Program Change

Program Reentry Application - Degree completion students who have been absent from their program for a semester or more and wish to return to complete it.


  • Online - The preferred method of registration.
  • Paper - A backup method to register for classes. Use this form only if you are directed to do so or when signatures are required.
  • Special Course Registration - For directed study, independent study, a graduate version of an undergraduate class or special units.
  • Designated Subject Electives (DSE)

Reference Letters/Release of Confidential Information - Use when letters of recommendation are requested from faculty.

Student Information Update - Report changes to your name, phone number, social security number, birth date or marital status.

  • Report address changes online.

Substitution/Transfer Request - Request that a different course meet a degree requirement or petition a transfer course that wasn’t accepted.

Transcript Request - Official FPU transcripts can be requested online (further information).

WaiverTraditional undergraduates may request a major or a minor course requirement be waived due to previous coursework or competence. In some cases a graduate course may be waived.

Withdrawal from University - Students who desire to quit school and do not plan to return to the university.