Admission Requirements

The degree completion program is an accelerated, adult bachelor's degree program, encompassing the cohort programs, general education and elective courses (short term course series).

Applicants who lack units to enter a degree completion cohort may enroll in the degree completion general education and elective courses. The admissions requirements include:

  1. Degree completion application documents listed below
  2. Four years post-secondary experience (two years if applying for the early childhood development program)
  3. Other specific requirements for each program (see program description for details)

Admission into short term courses does not guarantee eligibility for a degree completion cohort. Upon completion of eligibility requirements, students should submit an Advancement to Eligibility for Cohorts form.

Documents required for admission:

  1. Application for admission and nonrefundable application fee
  2. Official transcripts from each college or university attended (Veterans seeking benefits must submit a DD214 and military transcript.)
  3. Recommendation form
  4. Writing sample