Degree Completion Programs

If you have already taken some college level classes and need to complete your bachelor's degree to continue your career path, the School of Business can help. We offer the following degree completion majors:

Business Management

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Management is designed to provide expansive knowledge of the business environment from a systems perspective. Classes such as economics and accounting provide the foundation for advanced classes in finance, management, organizational behavior, small groups and teams, marketing, research and analysis, computer applications, and business strategy. A major project is assigned to help students focus on practical information that benefits the organization and the community. Together, all of the courses provide a practical guide to business operations in a variety of settings from entrepreneurial to well-established organizations. Threaded throughout the major is an ethical perspective.

Organizational Leadership

If you are interested in the people side of business, this is the right degree for you. What do we mean by the people side of business? Careers in management, human resources, sales or consultants all have a very important common denominator...they rely heavily on people skills.

For more options view a list of all degree completion programs. FPU also offers a range of traditional undergraduate majors.

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