Biology Minor

The biology minor offers a basic understanding of the natural world, including its living organisms. Humans, and their relationship to other organisms, are studied as a part of a living order. Students gain a basic understanding of the unifying concepts, diversity and importance of organisms.

Unique Features

The biology minor provides students with an overview of key principles in biology and the supporting physical sciences. Optional courses discuss ecology, anatomy, genetics, statistics and calculus.

Our Graduates

This minor is open to anyone with an interest in biology, but is ideal for students interested in contemporary ministries and missions, environmental studies, psychology, health fields, agriculture or kinesiology. It may also satisfy the California credential requirement for the supplementary authorization in biology.


Required Courses (5 Courses, 20 Units)

  • BIOL-110L General Biology A (4)
  • BIOL-120L General Biology B (4)

Select 12 additional units of upper-division biology.

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