B.S. in Biology: Secondary Teaching Emphasis

The B.S. in biology with a secondary teaching emphasis is designed for students who are interested in teaching secondary biology. The B.A. in biology also offers this emphasis.


General Education Prerequisites (12 Units)

  • BIOL-110L General Biology: Cells and Physiology (4)
  • CHEM-101L General Chemistry I (4)
  • MATH-210 Calculus I (4)

Required Courses

Biology Courses (29 units)

  • BIOL-120L General Biology: Diversity and Ecology (4)
  • BIOL-310L Ecology (4)
  • BIOL-332L Human Physiology (4)
  • BIOL-370 Bioethics (3)
  • BIOL-440L Cell and Molecular Biology (4)
  • BIOL-450L Genetics (4)
  • BIOL-470 History and Philosophy of Science (3)
  • BIOL-485 Senior Seminar in Biology (1)
  • BIOL-496 Biological Research (2)

Supporting Courses (14 units)

  • CHEM-102L General Chemistry II (4)
  • CHEM-310 Organic Chemistry I (3)
  • MATH-311 Statistics for Natural Sciences (3)
  • PHYS-120L General Physics I (4)

Required Courses for Secondary Teaching Emphasis

  • LA-385 Critical Approaches to Teaching (3)
  • PHYS-121L General Physics II (4)
  • PHYS-150 Earth Science (3)
  • PHYS-160 Space Science (3)
  • Select 2 additional units of upper-division biology. 

Additional Requirements for Teacher Education Candidates

To Enter a Teacher Education Program

Students must meet the following requirements in addition to the specific course requirements outlined above to enter a teacher education program and become credentialed to teach in a California public school:

  • Pass the CSET Examination to demonstrate the subject matter competence required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to be a teacher.

To Enter the Fresno Pacific University Teacher Education Program

Students must meet the following requirements to enter the teacher education program at FPU:

  1. Earn a 2.75 overall grade-point average in their college coursework.
  2. Earn a 3.0 grade-point average in the secondary teaching emphasis of their major.

To Complete the Fresno Pacific University Teacher Education Program

Students must complete the following courses (with a grade of C or better) in order to complete the teacher education program at FPU and receive a teaching credential. Students are advised, but not required, to take these courses as undergraduates.

  • LANG-340 Introduction to Linguistics (3)
  • PS-120 American Politics and Society (4)
  • or HIST-150 American Civilization (4)
  • PSY-355 Adolescent Development (3)

It is recommended that students complete one of the following courses, as well:

  • HIST-420 American Ethnicity and Pluralism (3)
  • SOC-310 Cultural Communities of California (3)

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