The communication major approaches various topics from a broad, liberal arts perspective that includes the historical, philosophical, and theoretical roots of communication. Each course provides foundational knowledge necessary for successful work and service in the public, private and religious sectors, as well as in future graduate studies.

Unique Features

Studies in communication explore models of communication theory and the applications of these theories in specific communication contexts.

Our Graduates

This major prepares students for graduate studies and careers specifically in media, radio, television, broadcasting and public relations. However, the skills obtained through the major allow graduates to find work in a wide variety of fields.

Program Details

The major offers four emphases:

Students must select from one of the emphases listed.


General Education or Other Prerequisites

  • COM-110 Written Communication (3)
  • or COM-110A/B Written Communication I and II (1.5/1.5)
  • COM-120 Oral Communication (3)

Required Courses (7 Courses, 18-21 Units)


  • COM-368 Ancient and Medieval Rhetoric (3)
  • COM-400 Intercultural Communication (3)
  • COM-450 Communication Theory (3)
  • COM-455 Philosophy of Language (3)
  • COM-496 Communication Internship (1-3)
  • LIT-480 Narrative (3)

Select one of the following:

  • COM-460 Projects in Communication (3)
  • DRA-470 Senior Thesis Performance (2)

Program Director