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Visual Arts

Welcome to Fresno Pacific’s Department of Art, Design & Creative Innovation!

We equip undergraduate students with the knowledge, skills, & experience they need to be successful in creative industries.

Pursue Your Dream Creative Career

In our program, you won't just sit in class and take notes. Our courses are taught by leading professors who help you accelerate your professional growth. We do this through personalized career training and mentoring. Here are just a few things you'll do in our program:

  • Find a career you'll love
  • Craft a powerful art/design resume
  • Gain valuable art/design work experience
  • Build a network of art/design contacts
  • Discover the best places to get a job in art/design fields
  • Much more!

Career Mentor

A career in art/design is a journey. That's why we provide a career mentor who is there to answer all your questions along the way and guide you step-by-step on your chosen career path.

Art / Design Internships

You won't just learn about art at Fresno Pacific — you'll gain hands-on art & design industry experience. Our students have completed internships in positions at youth, high school, college, and professional art/design organizations. Here are just a few examples:

  • Art Galleries
  • Art Museums
  • Arts Councils
  • Graphic Design Agencies
  • Game Design Companies
  • Travel Agencies
  • K-6 schools
  • Middle Schools
  • High Schools
  • Universities
  • Art of Life Cancer Foundation
  • Many more!

Art / Design Jobs

We guide our students through every phase of the Art/Design job process. From discovering a career you'll love, to crafting a powerful art/design resume, to finding the best places to search get a job in any creative field -- our #1 goal is to help you reach yours

Grow Personally & Professionally

Our program is more than just theory, books, and classes. You still need to be you. That's why we focus on the ‘whole’ you. In our program, you'll:

  • Create healthy habits
  • Fine tune your creative talents/skills
  • Have a plan for life after college
  • Build new friendships

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Leadership is one of the most sought-after skills in art & design which is why skilled Creative leaders get paid more and are promoted faster than their work colleagues. In Fresno Pacific’s Department of Art, Design & Creative Innovation, we'll help you discover the essential leadership skills you need to be successful in any creative field. In our program you'll:

  • Learn how to become a leader
  • Sharpen your creative leadership skills
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Program FAQ’s

What makes Fresno Pacific’s Department of Art, Design & Creativity So Different?

Fresno Pacific’s Art, Design & Creative Innovation department and the programs it offers is one of the most unique in California. While we teach our students a lot about the art and design industries, our real focus is to help you develop your full potential.

So if you're looking for an undergraduate program that's (1) affordable, (2) helps you grow personally and professionally, and (3) teaches you how to accelerate your art/ design career, you've found it.

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What are classes like?

We have small classes (approximately 10-20 students). You'll learn from friendly professors, interact with your art/design peers, and receive one-on-one mentoring outside the classroom. During your time with us, you'll make life-long friends and receive everything you need to be prepared for your future.

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How Much Does It Cost?

We're one of the MOST AFFORDABLE private Art & Design programs in California. Don't make the financial mistake of adding thousands in student loan debt when you can obtain your bachelors’ degree at a premier, private university for a fraction of the cost.

Current tuition & fees

Scholarships Questions?

If you have questions about scholarships, contact our Program Director, Dr. Rebecca McMillen at 559.453.2365 or

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How Do I Apply?

Applying is simple. Apply online here.

Degree/Major Questions?

For questions about the bachelor’s Programs in the Department of Art, Design & Creative Innovation, contact our Program Director, Dr. Rebecca McMillen at 559.453.2365 or