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Bridge to Ministry Pathway Application

Priority application deadline is August 1


Check all that apply

  1. Students must be admitted to the University as indicated in the University admission policies section of the Fresno Pacific University catalog.

  2. Participants must indicate a commitment to pursuing pastoral ministry.

  3. Participants must understand that some age restrictions exist for participation in the Bridge to Ministry program. At this time, all applications are welcome.

  4. Participants must participate in selected Faith, Works, and Economics (FWE) co-curricular events (approximately 2- 3 per academic year) and meet regularly with the pathway director/mentor.

  5. Students must be in good standing academically.

    1. Undergrad Program: Students must maintain at least a 2.0 University GPA and a 3.0 Program GPA.

    2. Graduate Program: Students must maintain at least a 2.5 Seminary GPA.

  6. Students must take degree courses as directed at the pace and timing recommended by their academic advisor/ Bridge to Ministry (BTM) Pathway Director / mentor, up to 18 units a semester in undergraduate work and between 9-15 units per semester as determined in consultation with the MACM academic advisor. Both undergraduate and graduate pace may include summer classes.

  7. Students must pass the following classes with a B or better to be eligible for Advanced Standing with admission to the FPU Biblical Seminary:

    BIB 100/300 COM 420
    BLIT 301-499 REL 455
    MIN 397 MIN 360
    MIN 398 MIN 470
    MIN 399 MIN 392
    MIN 450 MIN 378
  8. Students must be admitted to the FPU Seminary after completion of their bachelor’s degree (application made in the sixth semester of undergraduate work). All BTM students must meet FPU Seminary admission expectations included as stated in the University’s Graduate Catalog under Biblical Seminary “Admissions Requirement.”