The mathematics program at Fresno Pacific University is designed to prepare students to solve problems, communicate their understanding and appreciate the beauty of mathematics and its role in human history.

Students will begin with an introduction to higher mathematics via a three-semester sequence in the calculus of single variable functions, then proceed through a core of studies that display the wide variety of techniques, modes of thought and methods of problem attack. This core of study has a two-pronged emphasis: applications and abstraction (pure math). In applications all students take courses in probability and statistics, linear algebra and problem solving. For pure mathematics all students take a course in real analysis.

Students may choose between a broad study of mathematics to earn a bachelor of arts degree, or a more focused study in applied mathematics to earn a bachelor of science degree. Those interested in teaching mathematics in a California public high school will most likely study toward the B.A., while those interested in any of the professional fields open to math majors—industry, engineering, architecture, research, computer science, etc—are encouraged to pursue the B.S.

Unique Features

  • Courses founded on the solid logical footing of pure mathematical studies
  • Range of subjects offered—from historical and philosophical ideas to modern-day application
  • Appropriate technology used for problem solving and modeling
  • Both B.A. and B.S. degrees offered

At FPU students are mentored by professors who are interested in developing students academically and ethically. The average class size in upper-division courses is about 12 students. FPU students also have opportunities to work in the community to help others grow stronger in their mathematics. We have active tutoring and after-school projects at local high schools and middle schools.

Our Graduates

The largest group of mathematics graduates become teachers in California public schools. Our faculty have worked hard at tailoring the program to meet the needs of public school teachers and streamlining the process between the undergraduate degree and the FPU teacher credential program. Teacher candidates are hired quickly.

Applied math majors have opportunities to choose from a wide array of fields. The traditional fields of engineering, economics or business are still very popular careers, as well as newer areas in the biological sciences, virology, population studies and political science.

Program Details

Students may choose from two distinct degree programs:

FPU recently established a 2+3 agreement with George Fox University (GFU) in Oregon, whereby students can do the first two years of an engineering program at FPU and then transfer to GFU with guaranteed admission to their professional degree.

Why the Central Valley?

Fresno is a microcosm of the world. Within a very small radius around the university as many as 100 different languages and cultures can be found. The mission field has come to us. Fresno has a vibrant but understated lifestyle. Many opportunities exist to be involved in cultural events (music, art, theater etc.). The variety of churches in the area is also quite large, so students can find the faith of their background here or explore the subtle differences in congregations and traditions.

Further Information

How can I prepare for this major?

Three years of high school mathematics through advanced math or pre-calculus is required, as well as several years of high school laboratory science. Advanced placement courses in mathematics (specifically Calculus AB or BC and Probability and Statistics) can earn credit at FPU.

Are there internship opportunities?

The university and the AIMS Education Foundation are designing an afterschool program where math majors will be trained to use educational materials developed by AIMS, then run after school programs two or three days per week and be paid for their work.

Program Director