STEM Learning Community


The STEM Learning Community prepares students for successful entry into careers related to math, science and technology. This four year college path includes many benefits.


Incoming freshmen students will receive a full scholarship to a week-long summer camp to prepare for the STEM Learning Community.

The entire family may participate in college orientation which includes financial aid assistance and registration, and information on internship opportunities, work expectations and career pathways.

As a STEM community member, you will:

  • Receive one-on-one mentoring all four years
  • Work with professors and upperclassmen to create a plan to reach your goals
  • Study with like-minded students throughout college in the STEM Learning Community
  • Prepare for medical school, graduate school and a career in math or science
  • Have opportunities to conduct research and attend national conferences, and possibly even present your research at conferences
  • Receive internship and employment opportunities

Who qualifies?

The STEM Learning Community is specifically for Hispanic students or those who demonstrate financial need.

Students must have a minimum 3.1 high school GPA and a minimum score of 500 on the math portion of the SAT, or a 19 on the math portion of the ACT.