Special Events Center

The Special Events Center (SEC) includes the gymnasium, the department of athletics, and classrooms. Its name is meant to indicate the wide variety of events conducted there, including athletics, concerts, ceremonies and auctions.

The Fitness Center was added to the north end of the SEC in 2013. The 3,200-square-foot space includes cardio equipment, elliptical machines and cycles as well as strength and exercise equipment. Amenities include music and TV entertainment.

Inside the SEC is the Moore Memorial Organ. The Wurlitzer theater pipe organ is named for Marguerite Moore of Porterville, California, who donated it to the university in 1981. The organ was built in the 1920s for the CBS Hollywood Studios, and provided music for many of its radio programs during that era. The organ was refurbished and installed in the SEC in 1986.

Research and text by Kevin Enns-Rempel, University Archivist, 2010