Witmarsum Quad

The buildings in this quad, which house dormitories, classrooms, apartments, offices and the campus computer center, were constructed in four phases from 1960 to 1968. The quad was named in 1973 for the Dutch village of Witmarsum, the birthplace of Menno Simons (ca. 1496-1561). Menno played an important leadership role in the Anabaptist movement after he joined it in 1536, and it is from him that the Mennonites take their name.

Two wings of the quad were named in 1989 for long-time supporters of the university: Alvin and Dotty Warkentine of Clovis, California, and Ben W. and Anna Marie Nachtigall of Reedley, California. Al Warkentine was a trustee of the university from 1978 until 1981. The east wing of the quad was named Kriegbaum Hall in 1997, in honor of former university president Richard Kriegbaum.

Research and text by Kevin Enns-Rempel, University Archivist, 2010