Tim Geddert, Ph.D.

Professor of New Testament
SEM 212


Ph.D., Aberdeen University
M.Div., Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary
B.A., University of Saskatchewan

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Followers of Jesus who are training to provide leadership for God's people must be life-long learners for whom Scripture is an inexhaustible source of challenge and inspiration. That happens best as we learn methods of biblical interpretation (and the original language of Scripture if possible). It also requires a sense of adventure, openness to new insights, and an eagerness to test ideas within the community of faith. It is my special privilege and calling to help students acquire these abilities and attitudes.

Professional and Service Experience

I have a wide variety of experiences that have given me insights into God's work around the world: five years of church planting and pastoral leadership in Canada, short term mission experiences in several South American, European and African countries, three years of immersion into Scottish culture and church life during doctoral studies, three years of educational and pastoral ministry in Germany. I have written several books and many articles on Mark's gospel as well as on other topics such as biblical interpretation, ecclesiology and ethics. I have also produced several cook books.

Personal Experiences

I grew up in a "Bible School family." My father taught in a Bible school for 40 years, and I learned as a child to value Scripture, to learn its contents and to anticipate a ministry of teaching the Word to others, even before I attended the school where my father taught (Bethany). My university education was designed to prepare me for seminary studies, where my calling to a ministry of Bible teaching was confirmed. My wife, Gertrud, and I are raising our family to be bilingual and bicultural (North American and German).

Publications and Presentations

  • Covenant Communities, Faith and Life Press, 2009
  • Das sogenannte Alte Testament, Neufeld-Verlag, 2009 
  • All Right Now: Finding Consensus on Ethical Questions, Herald Press, 2008 
  • "What’s in a name?" In Touch, Fall/Winter 2008 
  • Double Take: New meanings from old stories, Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary and Kindred Books, 2007 
  • "You Will Be My Witnesses – Acts 1:8," 2007 
  • "Table Talk: Confronting, Confounding, Converting!", 2007 
  • "A Closer Look at Servant-Leadership,In Touch, Spring/Summer 2006 
  • "Which type of Pacifism?", In Touch, Spring/Summer 2004 
  • Verantwortlich Leben, Neufeld-Verlag, 2003 
  • Living Expectantly, Faith and Life Press, 2001 
  • The Miracle and the Mystery, Kindred Press, 2001
  • Mark (Believers Church Bible Commentary), Herald Press, 2001 
  • "Another Look at Romans 8:28", unpublished, 1999 
  • Gott hat ein Zuhause, Agape Verlag, 1994 
  • Watchwords, Sheffield Academic Press, 1989

Other Information

All MB Biblical Seminary faculty members are available for preaching and are prepared to lead a seminar on calling out leaders for training and ministry. Tim will consider teaching classes or seminars on topics in addition to those listed here, please contact him for more information:

  • "The Gospel of Mark" (any number of sessions) 
  • "The Gospel of Luke" (any number of sessions) 
  • "Old Texts with New Meanings" (This is about being open to surprises in interpreting Scripture; 1-5 sessions) 
  • "Parables of Jesus" (2-5 sessions) 
  • "Biblical Perspectives on the Church" (2-5 sessions) 

Note: any of these could be in the format of sermons, presentations or inductive Bible studies.