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Center for Anabaptist Studies

Jesus. Community. Peace. Anabaptist.

  • Jesus is the center of our faith
  • Community is the center of our lives
  • Peacemaking is the center of our work (mission)

BELIEVE: Following Jesus as Lord in a community of disciples bringing peace to transform the world.

Palmer Becker articulates three core Anabaptists values:

  • Jesus is the center of our faith
  • Follow Jesus in daily life
  • Interpret the Scriptures in the spirit of Jesus
  • Promise their highest loyalty to Jesus Christ
  • Community is the center of our lives
  • Reconciliation is the center of our work

Purpose and Mission

Center's Purpose

Develop communication links to nurture an Anabaptist imagination

Center's Mission

  • Speak/articulate/proclaim Jesus-inaugurated, community-empowered peacemaking mission
  • Invite communication that interprets Jesus’ contemporary claims on citizens under God’s rule
  • Provide educational resources for pastors, congregations, leaders to nourish innovative proclamation/incarnation/demonstration of Anabaptist values
  • Convene events in centers and electronically to explore an Anabaptist agenda
  • Research perspectives on contemporary issues facing disciples of the alternative consciousness offered by the gospel of Jesus

What is CABS?

If I follow CABS, I will know

  • WHAT: Anabaptist Christian belief—how following Jesus in a community of disciples brings peace that transforms the world in which we live
  • WHY: Christians who offer an alternative to political, consumeristic, violent, hedonistic systems turn to Anabaptist values and stories
  • WHEN: Events planned to address Anabaptist convictions
  • WHERE: I can find resources to articulate the Anabaptist vision
  • HOW: I can communicate with others who share my passions


Shared Convictions

Shared Convictions at Mennonite World Conference website—7 convictions:: God, Jesus, church, Bible, peace, worship, world-wide