Student Accounts

Student Accounts is part of the Student Financial Services Office and consists of four student account managers whose role is to assist you in making payment arrangements, to maintain your student account, and to answer any questions you may have about charges and credits on your account.

Who is my student accounts manager?

Traditional Undergraduate Students

Bethany Rader

Graduate, Seminary and VA Students

Sarah Taylor

Degree Completion Students

Alexandra Dennis 

Please contact us if you have any account questions at the numbers provided. If you have general financial aid questions or you cannot get in touch with your account manager, please contact us at 559-453-2041 or

1098T Tuition Statement Tax Form

Fresno Pacific University, in conjunction with ECSI, is offering you the opportunity to receive your 1098T Tuition Statement Tax Form electronically this year. If you would like to receive your 1098T form electronically, please give your consent by following the step by step instructions.

The benefits to receiving electronic notification are: 

  • Online delivery provides access to the form 1098T earlier than the traditional mailing process.
  • Online delivery eliminates the chance that the 1098T will get lost, misdirected or delayed during delivery, or misplaced once the student receives it.
  • Signing up for online delivery is easy and secure.
  • Students can receive their 1098T form even while traveling or on assignment away from their home address.